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December 7, 2013

Chris Coyle

Alden Darby


Stanford – 38
ASU – 14

CHRIS COYLE:  Well, first of all, it was a tough loss, you know.  Everybody's dream to make it to the Rose Bowl, but you know, we've just got to pick up where we left off and get ready for whatever bowl game we get selected for.
We just didn't get it tonight.  I mean, we couldn't put it together, and we'll figure it out and make sure we finish strong with the bowl game.
ALDEN DARBY:  Yeah, Stanford played a complete game all around, special teams, defense, offense, they played a very good game.  I just want to say thank you to the fans.  It's been a long journey not just for me, but for Chris in particular, I've been here for four years, and can't say enough about our fans how much they supported us through the ups and downs.  Really appreciate that.  Sorry we let this one get away from us, but we'll go ahead and get this 11th win.

Q.  You guys have done a really good job of eliminating big plays throughout your seven‑game winning streak; tonight Stanford got a few.  What was the factors there?
ALDEN DARBY:  I mean, just guys, I mean, first of all, their receivers, they have some good receivers over there.  Ty Montgomery is a playmaker in the kicking game and on offense.  We let him get behind us one step, and he'll make the play.  So we just let him get behind us, didn't play to our leverage, and he just made plays.
I mean, the quarterback, Kevin Hogan, made great passes.  He was right on the money with the passes.  They looked like they were going to be overthrown, but they were right on the money.  So good passes, and one step, you can't coach that.

Q.  Alden, all week Coach and all the players talked about matching Stanford's level of physicality.  Do you feel that you match that in the first half of this game?
ALDEN DARBY:  You know, we came out, and I felt like we came out pretty decent.  We let one, we gave up three long passes and set up scores, and we had some miscommunication, and they broke a couple of big runs.
But once we sat on our feet and started back doing the things we do, I felt like we picked it up a lot more.  But like we said all week, we've got to eliminate big plays and we didn't do that coming out the first half.  We gave up three bombs and that set the tone in the beginning of the game.

Q.  Chris, how much did it hurt the offense with Grice out and Foster going out in the second half?
CHRIS COYLE:  Well, you know, they're two great athletes we rely a lot on.  But at the same time, we've got a great core of running backs, and I had as much faith in Deantre and even R.J. Robinson coming in if he had to.  I mean, it was just unfortunate that we weren't able to open enough holes for them.  When we did open up holes, they did their part and got good yardage down the field.  So that comes down to making sure we get our blocks up front.

Q.  You guys had a couple of chances to cut into that lead in the second half with the missed field goal and then inside the 5 you got stop there had.  How much did that hurt your momentum at that point?
CHRIS COYLE:  At those points in the game that really kills the momentum.  Those are drive that's we've got to finish.  We've got to get points on the board.  I mean, we've got to do something down there to kind of spark the team.  It's our job as the offense to put up points and defense was stopping them, and we just weren't able to punch it in.  Whatever happened, I'm not sure if somebody missed the blocker or whatever it was, we've got to make sure we execute down there in the red zone.

Q.  Chris, what was it that Stanford was doing that took you and both you and Jaelen out of the passing game so much?  It seemed you both were struggling to find space?
CHRIS COYLE:  Well, really a lot of the defenses that we've been playing against the whole second half of the season they key on us.  Whether I was running up against a backer, as soon as I'd get past the backer there would be a safety on me.  I'm sure they were doing the same thing to Jaelen outside.  When things like that happen, it's up to the other guys to make some plays.  We've got to find the openings as well.  It's still our job to get open no matter who is covering us.

Q.  Chris, you guys knew coming into this that Stanford's fronts are very talented up front.  Did they win at the line of scrimmage in this game?  And how did that affect the outcome of this one?
CHRIS COYLE:  We knew they were going to be a very physical team.  Personally I feel that we came out ready to match their physicality.  I mean, we were playing hard the whole night.  It was a matter of technique.  I know in a couple of interviews earlier in the week I was talking about how it was really important for us to maintain our technique and a few minor things to make big problems for our offense.  I think that's what it came down to.
But physicality or physically I think we were able to match up against them.  There were just a few mistakes that we had that caused problems.

Q.  Alden, this is really the only team that took it to you guys especially in the first half and twice this season.  Is there something schematically about Stanford or what is it can you describe that is the crux of the problem when you guys face this team?
ALDEN DARBY:  Well, Stanford, I mean, they're very sound, they're very disciplined, and they're going to do what they do.  A lot of times they'll defense us and try to scheme against our offense and try to do different things and try to figure out a way to stop what they're doing.  We just couldn't get it done.  I mean, any team that starts out fast, it's hard to slow down the momentum when they're going and they're going.
But we kind of reset our feet.  We kind of calmed down and started to do that, but it was kind of too late by then, you know?

Q.  Both of you guys probably aren't in the mood to reflect, but just from where you were at the beginning of the season to where you are now, what has this journey been like not only for you but for the program?
ALDEN DARBY:  I mean, it's been great.  I'm just going to go all wait back to my freshman year.  I went through Coach Erickson there for two years and, the transition to Coach Graham.  I remember coming in as a freshman, and I mean, this year has been wonderful.  It's been a blessing to experience what we've experienced this season.
I mean, of course our greatest accomplishment was going to the Rose Bowl and a National Championship.  But at the end of the day I feel like we had a very good season.  It's not over now.  We've got to get the 11th win.  But I feel like we're in a good spot now, and we've shown signs of greatness, and that we can play with the top dogs.  We've just got to figure out a way to get it done and finish.
CHRIS COYLE:  I'll add to that.  Darby and I have seen the worst of teams here and the best of teams.  This is the best team that I've seen here in a long time.  Like I said, we wanted to get to the Rose Bowl and we were really close, but we've got to focus on this next bowl game, whichever one we get selected for.
I think that this year with the wins that we had this season, our success has not only been great for us, but it will be great for the future as well.  Hopefully going to bring a lot of recruits in and create a dynasty here at ASU.  That is definitely part of our goal, not just playing for ourselves, but also for the program's future.

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