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December 7, 2013

Joel Sjoholm


Q.  Not bad after playing in the training shoes on the first day?
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  I'm pretty excited to be where I am right now.  As I said, I probably shouldn't even be here today, because I just made it.  No, quite cool.

Q.  You'd better talk me through that finish, because that was a spectacular way to finish.
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  It was a long putt.  I've actually had a lot of short putts I missed today.  I actually played really, really well for once.  Normally the putter is my strength, and funnily, it came down to the last and I holed a long one.  It was probably one about 30 feet, maybe left‑to‑right and very quick.  And I had one metre to go, and then I knew that this is going to be really close, so just short on the line.  Actually managed to trickle in.

Q.  I presume when the whole field is separated by just eight strokes into the third day, you still fancy some chances?
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  Yeah, I do, but the guys have only played four or five holes, the leaders.  So I do think I'm going to be two to four shots behind till tomorrow.  Hopefully not.  Hopefully they don't play that good and I'll have a better chance tomorrow.

Q.  Well, it gives you a chance, and in your position, that's very nice to have presumably because you haven't got the playing rights, so anything you can make is good.
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  Exactly.  I take anything, whatever happens tomorrow, I'm really going to be excited.  As long as I'm under par tomorrow, I'm just going to think that it has been a great week for me.
So as you said, I don't have something to do here for next year.  Probably I have somewhere deep down inside of me, but when you look at that European Tour website, then you know that I probably should not be here.
It has been a struggle the whole year for me and hopefully I can have a good day tomorrow and bring something back for 2014.

Q.  What are your thoughts for next year, because you've got to start again in a sense.
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  I hope all the TD's out there see me now and think, he's a great guy, because I really need the guys to bring me back and play on invitations and if not, I'm going to play the whole year on The Challenge Tour and hopefully be focusing on one thing, but hopefully I can change that tomorrow.

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