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December 6, 2013

Chris Doak


CHRIS DOAK:  2‑under, happy with that.

Q.  Any particular highlights, anything that said, Chris, this is going to be a good tournament?
CHRIS DOAK:  Not really.  I've just enjoyed the kind of tree‑lined course.  It's not often you get to play that, so it's nice and enjoyable.

Q.  It's old‑styled, isn't it, not something that we get on The European Tour often?
CHRIS DOAK:  No, definitely.  You've got to shape it both ways and think about shots off the tee more.  No, it's really good.

Q.  Any course at home that it's similar to?
CHRIS DOAK:  I would say it's more, not of home, but it's more like the Tour School, back nine there, tree‑lined, it's nice.

Q.  And you've got the sunshine of Spain, as well, in a sense, and the breeze has picked up that little bit?
CHRIS DOAK:  Yeah, half‑past seven this morning, it wasn't nice.  It was quite cold.  But the weather's fine here.  It's a good place.

Q.  Are you enjoying Hong Kong as a whole?
CHRIS DOAK:  Yeah, first time here.  Everything's great.

Q.  Have you been boring, hotel and golf course?
CHRIS DOAK:  I'm still trying to get over the jet‑lag so I've been up at half past two every morning waiting to get up.  So I haven't seen much.  I'll maybe go see some this afternoon.

Q.  And you do have a nice lie‑in this morning, so you're getting more and more experience at this kind of position, aren't you?
CHRIS DOAK:  More and more lie‑ins is a good thing, so maybe I'll see some of Hong Kong in the morning.

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