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December 6, 2013

Robert-Jan Derksen


Q.  Your thoughts on the way you've got into this tournament at the halfway stage?
ROBERT‑JAN DERKSEN:  Happy with the score, definitely, 4‑under total.  Haven't played fantastically.  A bit surprised about the scoring.  Of course it's not easy but I didn't think it was that difficult.  So I played well yesterday, but I didn't make any putts.  I hit 17 greens.  So only shot 1‑under yesterday.
Today I missed more greens but I hit the irons a bit closer, so the ones I did hit were better.  It was a bit of a mixed bag.  I think I made six birdies, so that was plenty.
But just if I can get my driving a little bit better, I think that's the main thing on this course.  I've been struggling a little bit this week so far.  So if I can improve that, then I'm really looking forward to the weekend.

Q.  You've been here many a time, and you've had some lovely success, as well.  So presumably a place that's got some affection for you?
ROBERT‑JAN DERKSEN:  It's true, and I think it's great the tournament is on honestly, because we struggled to have the tournament here.  It's fantastic.  And like you said, I've been close in the past.
I like it very much.  It's a course where you have to be patient.  It's not one of the courses we normally play on The European Tour which is like 500‑yard par 4s.  It's tricky and the wind is swirling and you have to be focused on every shot, and I feel that suits my game.

Q.  And some have said the greens are firmer this time around?
ROBERT‑JAN DERKSEN:  I agree; they are greener, they are softer; so it looks make it's easier to get the ball closer to the hole but the greens are faster.  It's difficult to hole putts and that's probably the reason why the scoring is not as low as you would expect.

Q.  Is it my memory or did you win a gold bar here one time?
ROBERT‑JAN DERKSEN:  That is definitely true.  It's a long time ago though, but I've still got it and it's actually the best investment I've ever made.  I think it was worth 14,000 when I won it and at one stage I think it was 36 or something.  I've still got it, so in the safe at home.

Q.  Do you ever go and look at it?
ROBERT‑JAN DERKSEN:  I do actually (laughing).  But it's nice and safe.  It's great, UBS were sponsoring it then and it was fantastic to win it, and that's why I still kept it.

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