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December 5, 2013

Joel Sjoholm


Q.  You were slightly late to the Lee‑‑
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  I put six alarm clock this morning.  I woke up in desperation at 7.58, tee time was 8.30 and we live a good 25 minutes away from here, a little bit panicking to the tee box.
I was lucky enough to get a taxi very quickly, and from the help of The European Tour today, they helped me out big time because I showed up and I didn't have any golf shoes on.  They were in the locker and I didn't have time to go to the locker.  They went to the locker for me and I teed off in my sneakers and played the first hole in sneakers until I came up to the green which they were standing nicely with two pairs of golf shoes so I could pick.  It was the royal treatment of The European Tour, I have to say.

Q.  I assume nothing like this has ever happened to you before?
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  No comment on that one but let's say no.

Q.  It's like being on holiday playing in your trainers, isn't it?
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  It felt awkward, I have to tell you, because I was in such desperation, when I was standing over the first tee shot, I realised that I had not even tied my sneakers, which are a half size too big, as well.
I thought, this is never going to be anywhere close about I managed to scramble a four at the first and the whole day I was waiting to make a bogey, and it happened on the last hole instead.
So I'm happy I shot minus two.  I should not even be here, so I'm really happy at the moment.

Q.  2‑under par is a good score, it's only just a couple shy of the lead as things stand.
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  Yeah, at the moment but I think the guys in the afternoon are going to get it slightly ease your because in the morning, they are rolling so quickly and during the day they are going to get a little bit slower.
I think that it's going to be slightly better for the players because at the moment, they are really quick and you have to hit a perfect putt.  It's going to be interesting.

Q.  When did your heartbeat return to normal?
JOEL SJÖHOLM:  When I was on the 7 tee box I think, something like that.  Maybe I should try this more often, because it's a long time I started that good.

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