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December 5, 2013

Sujjan Singh


Q.  Well played, very encouraging start to your campaign in Hong Kong?
SUJJAN SINGH:  Definitely, I putted well.  I think that was the main key.  Made a few great up‑and‑downs from the bunkers, and all the way just kept pretty consistent.

Q.  Very early days, obviously, the first round, but what do you think is needed from you to get to the finish?
SUJJAN SINGH:  More of the same I guess.  I could be a little bit more I think consistent off the tees.  Made a few mistakes there.  But all in all, it's early days.  You know, there's a lot of golf to be played yet.
Yeah, look forward to it.  I'm playing well.  I think the last few weeks, my game is improving steadily.  I've been coming back from an injury.  It took a lot longer than I thought it would.  Not as sharp but the last few events, especially starting from back home in India, have given me some encouragement.

Q.  What happens when you talk about injury, what happened?
SUJJAN SINGH:  Just a freak accident.  I was moving some luggage around and I hit my hand into a cup board.  Didn't consider that much would happen, but a few days later I got an X‑ray because it was hurting and it was broken and broken in such a way that I couldn't grip the club.
So that was frustrating.  I was out from August to December, essentially.  Thankfully The Asian Tour supported me.  They gave me a medical, and like I said, the first half was very frustrating, because the game was not as sharp, I think yardages and all that.  But it's coming together now.

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