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December 5, 2013

Andrew Dodt


ANDREW DODT:  It was a good finish.  Probably a slow start, didn't get much going on early in the round, but I birdied I think four in the last five, holed some nice putts coming in.

Q.  And this is the 18th behind you, a nice birdie as well?
ANDREW DODT:  It was a nice birdie.  It's all about the tee shot.  Got the tee shot in play and hit an 8‑iron just under the hole and knocked it in.

Q.  Is 18 indicative of the way the course is playing and the tricky nature of it?
ANDREW DODT:  It's so much firmer this year.  The greens are firm and I think by Sunday it's going to dry out a lot, so you've just got to be in the right position under the hole and be patient.

Q.  Sounds like you like that challenge.
ANDREW DODT:  Yeah, I've always liked coming here.  I'm sure a lot of guys do, but I like courses where you have to think about it and plot your way around and hole some putts along the way.

Q.  Good to see you smiling; I daresay there weren't that many smiles across the course of last season?
ANDREW DODT:  The last couple years have been a bit ordinary.  But having said that, I've played quite well.  Just haven't holed the putts and today I holed some putts.

Q.  What are your thoughts coming into this event and indeed a new season having experienced the loss of your card?
ANDREW DODT:  Well, you've got to try and go hard and do the best you can for every event that you get in, so that's what I'll be trying to do for the next three days.

Q.  You do that with optimism, with hope?
ANDREW DODT:  Yeah, but I'm playing quite well.  So I try and take advantage of that and go hard while I can.

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