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December 5, 2013

Stacy Lewis


Q.  Yesterday you said you were a little frustrated but I guess today the total opposite.
STACY LEWIS:  The total opposite.  The putts went in today.  I made a little adjustment yesterday on the practice green and it seemed to work.  Made a couple long ones that I probably shouldn't have made and turned into a really good day.

Q.  What was the adjustment?
STACY LEWIS:  It was just a little‑‑ on the longer putts, kind of the grip.  The handle of the putter was stopping and instead of keeping going.  Made that adjustment and my speed was a lot better because of that.

Q.  The greens here are fast; if you are not putting right, you do get caught out, don't you?
STACY LEWIS:  They do, and I even caught myself today, I still had a 3‑putt because I got a little impatient and tried to make one instead of being good with my speed.  That's what I'm going to look forward to tomorrow is just kind of trying to stay patient and having good speed.

Q.  Did you find it different going out in the afternoon?
STACY LEWIS:  It was a lot different actually.  It played a lot shorter from the tee.  Most of the par 5s I could get up to around the green in two.  So made those holes a lot easier.  Into the greens, the greens are a firmer but you had shorter clubs so it was okay.

Q.  You've obviously turned around, minus two yesterday to minus seven today; just shows one good day on the golf course, it's anybody's game?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, if you get hot with the putter‑‑ I think I had ten or 12 less putts today, and that's the difference.  I'm hitting the ball great and that's what I'm excited about.

Q.  Feet up, relax this evening?
STACY LEWIS:  Definitely.  I'm glad we got done and I didn't have to come back and finish tomorrow morning, so I'll get a good night's rest in and be ready to go.

Q.  How do you look to the rest of the weekend?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, if you look kind of top of the leaderboard, four of us have separated ourselves and got four really good players there.
So I'm going to have to keep making birdies and taking care of business.  But I definitely like where I am tonight better than last night.

Q.  If you are leading overnight, how do you‑‑ I imagine a player of your calibre and standing enjoys being at the front.  Do you relish that kind of competition?
STACY LEWIS:  I do.  I like the target's on my back.  I like that I know what I have to do.  But at the same time, we have 36 more holes, so can't do too much leaderboard watching and just take care of yourself.

Q.  The long birdie putt on 17, how long was that, and is that the longest of the day?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, I just think with the darkness and considering all that, that was definitely probably the putt of the day.  I'm guessing maybe 40, 50 feet, I don't know, it was pretty good.  Just couldn't even really see the hole, so for it to go in was a nice bonus.

Q.  How many putts did you have yesterday compared to today?
STACY LEWIS:  I think I had 32 or 33 yesterday, compared to 24 today, quite a change.

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