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December 5, 2013

Carlota Ciganda


Q.テつ 7‑under, 70, I saw the putts.
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Yeah, I made some short ones and I made some very long ones.

Q.テつ Unbelievable, the long one.
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ The one on 18?テつ I think it's the best putt I ever made.

Q.テつ Top of the leaderboard, a really good day there and some great work on the greens?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Yeah, I'm happy to finish 2‑under today, 7‑under total.テつ I think it's a good score for two days.テつ I've been playing good at the end.テつ I was a little nervous because there was some tough holes out there and the wind was picking up, so I'm happy to finish 2‑under par for the day.

Q.テつ Talk me through some of those putts out there; one of them was an absolute monster.
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Yeah, I played really well at the beginning.テつ I could have made lots of putts but then I made a really long one on 17 for birdie.
And then on 18, I hit my second shot to the green and it was maybe 20 metres long, and it just went in, I don't know how.テつ I just tried to hit it like pin‑high and a little bit to the right.テつ I think I was just lucky and I'm very happy to make an eagle there.
Then I made two more birdies on the back nine, so happy with my round.

Q.テつ Best putt of your life?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ I think so.テつ I think that's the longest one I ever made, yeah.

Q.テつ The scores today are not quite so low as they were on the first day.テつ Why do you think that is?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ The course is not easy.テつ The greens are tough.テつ They are very hard and the ball doesn't stop much, so you need to be careful and hit it a bit short of the pin, because the ball is going to roll.
And then it's so hard to putt, because it's very fast and I don't think we are used to these fast greens, but I mean, I just love it.テつ I've been here playing for a long time and I really enjoy this course.

Q.テつ How long was the putt?テつ I know it was a very long putt on 18?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ We said probably 20 metres.

Q.テつ On 17, you holed a long one you said.テつ How long was that one?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Maybe eight to ten metres.

Q.テつ And nine was quite long, as well.
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Four to five metres.

Q.テつ So the putter was hot today?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ I made really good ones but then I made a couple 3‑putts and I missed two really short putts, but it's golf, so you're going to make some and you're going to make another one, so I'm just happy.テつ At the end, I think everything equals.

Q.テつ How are you looking forward to the weekend?テつ You're in a solid position.
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ I'm just going to try to stay in the moment and try to play my game.テつ I think there are big names out there.テつ Just going to try to play my game.テつ I love this course.テつ I think I know it very good, but it's golf, but anything can happen, so, yes, play my game.

Q.テつ You obviously didn't make many shots on your overnight lead.テつ Is it a good day, Thursday, to maybe not move so much, save a bit of energy for the weekend?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ When I am out there, I just try to do the lowest I can.テつ I mean, I didn't do a low score because I just couldn't, so I'm just going to try to play my game tomorrow and we'll see how it goes.

Q.テつ Disappointed that you didn't move forward a bit more today?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ No.テつ I mean, I think I tried to stay in the present, and I give it like 100 percent on every shot, so that's all I can do, and sometimes the result is better than the other days.テつテつ Yesterday was great, but today not as great but I'm happy, too. テつSo I think it's a good result.

Q.テつ Mireia is doing quite well, as well.テつ That could be a battle between the two of you.
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Yeah, I would love to play with her, and I wish her all the best, she is a great player.テつ She is playing great this yearon the LET Access, I think she finished first, she won the Order of Merit.
So she will be playing here in Europe next year.テつ She's such a good player.テつ As an amateur, she played great.テつ I played World Cup with her, and we are good friends, and all the best for her.

Q.テつ Everyone is talking about the speed of the greens.テつ Is that the main problem out there?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Yeah, I think the greens are very fast and very hard.テつ They don't stop much.テつ For me, I mean, I love it.テつ I don't think we are used to play these fast greens in Europe.テつ I think you just need to practice and try to get the speed right.

Q.テつ Is there a sort of projected score that you think could win it based on the fact that we are now at 5‑, 6‑, 7‑under now?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Probably between 12 and 15.テつ But depends on the wind, on the pins, on the greens.テつ But I think if you are between 12 and 15, you can be top three.

Q.テつ And you must be quite confident obviously to be the person to do that?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ Yeah, I'm playing good, but it's golf.テつ You can just hit one ball to the water and make an 8.テつ It's happened before.テつ I just want to stay in the present and just try to enjoy this afternoon and it's another new day.テつ I will try my best and we will see.

Q.テつ How do you manage your nerves?テつ If you're in a big pressurized situation?
CARLOTA CIGANDA:テつ I like to keep eating and drinking water, and then breathe in and out, and that's it.テつ I mean, you're going to feel nervous all the time, because otherwise, you're not a human.

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