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November 29, 2013

Mike Krzyzewski


DUKE - 66

MIKE KRZYZEWSKI:  We talked all year about we don't have a center, and we have good players, and we have to figure out how to be good with the players we have.
So I thought those kids played really well.  I mean, I thought they played their hearts out.  Josh and Quinn (ph) were all over the place but we're not going to get scoring from there.  They can go in and get a score and get him the ball.  We don't have that.  That's just the way it is.

Q.  You talked a little bit the other night about how impressive McConnell is.  How much did his impact on the game and all facets of the game make a big difference in terms of how he ran things?
MIKE KRZYZEWSKI:  He's a veteran.  They are a veteran team, except for Gordon, and that's why they are ahead‑‑ and besides that, they are extremely well coached.  He makes good decisions and he has good people to make decisions with.  But he played well.
There wasn't a kid who played poorly tonight for either team.  It's tough to single out anybody for them.  I thought the biggest shot of the game scored was three‑‑ when we were up by four and Johnson hit one right at the end of the clock right after that.  They had two threes that wiped out our lead, the small lead that we had and seemed to give them even a little bit more life.  And then we had one that rimmed out during that time.
And sometimes the game is really as simple as that.  Kid is hitting good shots.  He's a good player.  All their kids are good players.
Thank you.

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