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November 27, 2013

Justin Cobbs

David Kravish

Mike Montgomery


Dayton – 82
California – 64

THE MODERATOR:  From California, we've got Justin Cobbs and David Kravish.  For either player, do you want to give your thoughts on the game?
DAVID KRAVISH:  We came out and they were just busting our butts from the git‑go.  They were playing way harder than us from the beginning.  I think we recognized that toward the end of the first half and we started playing harder and got it marginally closer, but in the second half they kept the tempo up and they were beating us up and down the floor.  Getting easy lay‑ups, our he rotations were bad on defense.  That's all on us.  We had some tactical error that's we were making consistently on both sides of the ball.  You've got to credit them because they took advantage of everything we gave them, and they were playing really hard.  It's a great team.
THE MODERATOR:  Justin, you want to give your thoughts on the game?
JUSTIN COBBS:  Oh, no, I think David got it.

Q.  Justin, the rest of your team was struggling offensively.  So at the beginning of the second half, did you want to take it upon yourself to lead the team back?
JUSTIN COBBS:  Just wanted to win.  That's it.
THE MODERATOR:  Coach, some opening remarks on the game?
COACH MONTGOMERY:  Well, hat's off to Dayton.  That's a good basketball team.  They were obviously very well prepared.  They were fired up.  I think they were probably a little bit upset with yesterday and losing and giving up a lead.  They were the better team today and clearly the more aggressive team.
We just had problems in a lot of areas.  We haven't played against a man team yet, oddly enough, in the six games that we've played.  So‑‑ it's seven games, I guess.  We've seen so many zones.  I think it was just a learning experience.
Dayton does a great job in their man defense.  They were very well‑prepared.  So, you know, tough Midwestern kids.  Had a chip on their shoulder, came out, knocked us back, took us a while to respond.  Had Justin not come up big, we'd have been in really big trouble.  They were finishing around the basket.  Way more physical on the glass.  We were picking the ball up eight feet from the basket, and instead of taking it to the basket and going strong, I don't know how many times we went in there and missed balls at the basket.  Fell down, and they got numbers running back at us.  So that was a very good Dayton team, and hat's off.  They beat us and deserve to win.

Q.  Did you give Cobbs the green light to try to light a spark for your team?
COACH MONTGOMERY:  He was the only guy that could do anything, so I felt like Dayton probably either whether it was because they were up on their toes and aggressive and fired up was probably quicker than we were across the board at every position.  We couldn't get anywhere as far as getting open or getting by anybody.  So Justin's the one guy athletically that could and figured that out.  So he ended up being the only guy that could score the ball.  At some point if you look at it, they outscored us 52‑8 off the bench.  I'd just as soon they left their starters in to be honest with you.  They killed us off the bench.  They had 15 fast breakpoints; we had zero.  You cannot win a basketball game if you don't run a break and get some things off the break.  Problem was we couldn't rebound the ball cleanly so we couldn't get out and run.
So those are two very glaring statistics that show up in there.  But, yeah, for Justin to have to take 20 shots, I thought David Kravish had a good tournament.  I think he probably wore down.  We typically had two big guys in and with losing Richard and David was the sole guy inside.  David plays much better off of Richard as a four man.  But he hung in there and did a pretty good job.
THE MODERATOR:  Coach, do you want to give some final thoughts on the Maui experience?
COACH MONTGOMERY:  Well, I will probably go out and see the water for the first time now.  So I guess I'll know more later.  It's a tournament.  Tournament has changed over the years.  It's gotten bigger.  It's obviously a venue that's gotten really good teams and has hospitality that's been great.  They pretty much covered all the bases.  So it's a great tournament to come do.  You've got to be careful at this thing.  You can get spanked in this thing and go away a little disappointed.  I think beating Arkansas was huge for us in that first round game because we just needed that.  So that was a quality win.
Thought we played tough today, but just didn't have it, ran out of gas.  It's been a great tournament, and I think it will continue to be.  Every team wants to come and be a part of this thing.

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