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November 27, 2013

Archie Miller

Devin Oliver

Jalen Robinson


Dayton – 82
California – 64

THE MODERATOR:  Welcome Coach Archie Miller.
COACH MILLER:  Obviously, three games, three days, every team here is battling it.  I give our kids a lot of credit.  It was a sting after that Baylor game last night.  Very, very important that our players responded with great maturity. 
Thought our guys were ready to go very quickly after the game, understanding that you can lose two in a row very quickly if you're not ready to play.  We talked a lot about it late last night that our depth was going to be the number one thing that would get us through the finish line today.  I look at our 52‑8 score, and I look at Kyle Davis and Jalen, and two guys that completely changed the game.  Kyle Davis, I think was a part of two runs that may have been 23‑0 when he was in the game.  That's what it's about.  He didn't play a lot in the first two games.  He's mentally ready, a great teammate, and I think that's across the board for our team.  So hopefully we can take this trip and build on it and take it to the next game.

Q.  Coach, Cal cut it to two and your team responded with a nice run.  Talk about your team responding to Cal's run and taking control of this game?
COACH MILLER:  It was a very big run by Cal.  Obviously Justin Cobbs went crazy there for a while and he started to take over the game like a terrific player does.  I thought when we were able to get a bucket call quick timeout and regroup there for a minute.  We had to think about some things.  We started the second half not playing the right way, and it got in the way.
We had some selfish plays on offense, and defensively we let him do what he wanted to do, and that's what happened.  But I thought we responded.  Again, our bench and substitutions helped us.  Third game in three days, you're not going to be able to play at the same level 30 minutes a game.  So we needed it.  We had a lot of different guys come into the game and play, and thought it was a great to obviously D‑Mo is doing a great job as a senior.  He's by far and away the biggest glue guy we have.  He's doing a good job leading these guys off the floor when we're not around as well.

Q.  Devin, can you talk about today's game, today's win after the disappointment of last night?
DEVIN OLIVER:  Yeah, it felt good.  Obviously we were down after the game yesterday, kind of felt like we let one slip away, but it was really good to see ourselves as a team come back with the mentality to get out of here with a 2‑1 record.  So it was good to get the win.

Q.  Your team only had four turnovers today, so talk about your team's ability to hold on to the ball?
COACH MILLER:  It's a miracle.  It's a miracle.  I mean, we talk about it all the time.  If our team can take care of the ball and get extra possessions, obviously, it's to our advantage.  But sometimes we just throw the ball like they have mind to mind reading.  They don't even have to look at one another.  They just throw the ball at one another and they're not even looking for it at times.  We've got to clean things up.  It's evident we're not on the same page with execution and echoing calls and everybody being on the same page.  In particularly in transition we have to take care of it a little bit better.  It's pretty much the biggest key to the season.  If we don't turn the ball over, we'll have a chance to be successful, and that's a big thing.  But to their credit, four turnovers in 40 minutes is an absolute great job.

Q.  There is a lot of talk about the teams being tournament teams at the end of the season.  Is that something‑‑ I know with a tough end season, you want to do well in the non‑conference?
COACH MILLER:  No one's in the tournament until they announce the tournament on Selection Sunday, so there is no real reason to talk about it.

Q.  Jalen, the bench as Coach mentioned had a great game.  So talk about the guys coming off the bench and being ready to play and contributing to this team?
JALEN ROBINSON:  Yeah, our bench was a big part of today's game.  Last night Coach told us just to be ready and our depth would take us a long way.  Everybody who came in off the bench came in and was very productive and played together as a team.
THE MODERATOR:  Coach, some final thoughts on the Maui experience?
COACH MILLER:  Privileged to be here.  It was awesome for our fans to take over the civic center and our games.  It's what I don't think a lot of people understand how well we travel and what a great job they do of supporting our team.  But most importantly for our players I thought they came out here with a business‑like approach.  They knew this was going to be a very difficult trip.  We left last Tuesday for Atlanta to play at Georgia Tech and still haven't been back.  It seems like we've been here for a month.
But when you're here, it's something you remember forever.  These guys as players will never forget it.  I know as our coaches being able to coach against the quality of competition that we did and it was just a privilege to be here.  I hope we're back at some point in time.  And Coach Odom and everyone from the management all the way down, it's first class.  It's the premier exempt event that goes on in the fall, and to be part of it is something truly special.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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