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November 27, 2013

Lee Bailey

Eric Bovaird

Frankie Eteuati


Minnesota – 83
Chaminade – 68

THE MODERATOR:  Coach Bovaird, an opening comment?
COACH BOVAIRD:  Well, like the Baylor game, we had about 30, 32, 33 minutes of really good basketball.  We had a stretch there between media timeouts that I don't think we scored, and we had a substantial lead going into that and ended up tying it up and going ahead through that stretch.  One bad stretch really killed us, one bad four‑minute stretch.

Q.  Coach, were they doing anything particular to you guys over that stretch changing their pressure at all or encouraging bad shots?
COACH BOVAIRD:  Without a doubt they turned up the pressure.  We had trouble getting into our set plays that we wanted to run.  I mean, they were really getting after it.  They had a couple of guys that were really good defenders.  20 turnovers for us is just way, way too much.  We had six assists, 20 turnovers, and we're a much better team, ball handling team than that.

Q.  Do you feel Christophe is trying to do too much on his own?
COACH BOVAIRD:  Maybe a few times.  Sometimes he drove in there.  He knows when he makes those mistakes too.  He always says that was my bad.  Yeah, he was probably trying to do a little bit too much.  He took a few shots I haven't seen anybody make since Reggie Miller that we'll work on them.  We'll get them back on track.

Q.  At one point you guys were up nine in the second half against a Big Ten team.  Talk about the confidence you guys had and feeling like you were going to pull off the upset?
LEE BAILEY:  Well, yeah, when you start getting up, you can kind of see them getting a little rattled at the time too.  So obviously the upset was in the back of our mind, but I know at least for myself, I know just because this is my third Maui now that being up at any point in time doesn't mean you're guaranteed the ups.
It almost makes it harder because the teams, and the coaches are all in their ear.  They don't want that on their plate and everything like that.  But I mean, we definitely thought we had a chance just from the way we were playing and the things they were doing, just like Coach said, a couple minutes really hurt us there.
THE MODERATOR:  Frankie, you can comment, if you'd like.
FRANKIE ETEUATI:  I was also going to say it's a lot more stressful when you do have that lead because you have to continue to play to win rather than play not to lose.  And you know the other team doesn't want to be upset, so it does add extra pressure.

Q.  Can you talk about where you guys go from here and how much is this week going to help with that?
COACH BOVAIRD:  Yeah, our ultimate goal is to win the Division II National Championship.  Fortunately for us we have this magnificent tournament that these teams have the ability to expose a lot of weaknesses, so we'll get back.  We'll take tomorrow off, but we'll get back very soon and analyze all three games.  It's going to make us a much better team.  Our conference run starts next Monday.  So we need to prepare and begin our journey on that.

Q.  Lee, you have to go against their ball pressure pretty much the whole time you were in there.  What was that like kind of just trying to break that consistently?
LEE BAILEY:  Yeah, I mean, it's tough.  It's just like having little gnats around you all day.  Even if they're not stealing the ball the whole time, it's something you have to always be conscious of.  I think their pressure is definitely going to cause a lot of Big Ten teams try to run a lot of set plays and things like that.
I think their ball pressure will definitely make it more difficult for teams to get into their setoff ends and run the plays like they practice, because you can't mimic that ball pressure.  They have almost four to five guys that could play in 94 feet, tough defense the whole time and really not get beat all the way to the basket.
Yeah, it was tough.  I think it wore us down a little bit at the end of the game.  Definitely hurried us up a little bit.  It's tough.  I think their ball pressure will definitely help them in the Big Ten.

Q.  Frankie, in a lot of ways this is your coming out game.  I know it's been a while since you've been on the court.  Talk about what kind of started this fire?
FRANKIE ETEUATI:  It was nice to be on the floor on a big stage.  It's been a while since Cal State Northridge, and I haven't been playing up to my capabilities, so I'm gradually easing my way back into it.  I just try to rebound as much as possible and keep my man off the boards and take the occasional shot.
THE MODERATOR:  Coach, maybe you could do a closing comment about the tournament overall and being in Maui.  I know it's a much shorter trip for your team than some of the others coming from the main land, but overall perspective on what this means to your program and your school?
COACH BOVAIRD:  Yeah, it's an incredible experience for these guys.  Most of us grew up watching this tournament and to have a chance to be here and be a major part of it is something special and something they'll cherish the rest of their lives.  It's incredible, everything for us.  As far as recruitment to helping the school out in all different kinds of ways, and it's what Chaminade's really known for across at least the basketball world.  It's an unbelievable experience, well‑run, just a lot of fun.

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