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November 26, 2013

Lee Bailey

Eric Bovaird


Gonzaga – 113
Chaminade ‑ 81

COACH BOVAIRD:  Well, I guess there's a reason why they're ranked No.11 in the country, at least coming into this tournament.  They've got some skilled shooters, that's for sure.  Man, it's tough to play against a team like that because they can isolate you on the block with their big guys and then they have four shooters standing out there.  They can get the shot off quickly and make them.  They're a dangerous team.
We usually don't play against teams that we have to double‑team, so we don't work on that kind of stuff all the time.  Usually our big guys can just handle the other team's big guys.  We've had two tough nights back to back with some really good big guys.

Q.  Can you just talk about your game today after Christophe had his game yesterday, and then obviously not quite up to that standard today?  How much were you kind of feeling it today?
LEE BAILEY:  I mean, I came in and hit some early shots, so that always helps, mentally just getting your first one, seeing the ball go through.  We don't really have anyone on our team who every night is just going to go off.  So today I hit a couple, Christophe wasn't obviously feeling it like yesterday, which would have been amazing if he did.
Yeah, I just saw opportunities, sometimes saw mismatches off the switches on screens, so I was just trying to take advantage of that when it presented itself.

Q.  Coach, can you talk about Christophe today?  Obviously a little bit for difficult for him and what Gonzaga might have been doing to get him off the ball?
COACH BOVAIRD:  Yeah, well, it's a combination of things.  The poor kid is suffering from some severe tendonitis right now, and he obviously, at least to me, wasn't quite as quick in his movements and everything, and that plays a factor.  But Gonzaga played great defense.  You know, they came out and denied him the ball, and any time we set a ball screen for him they were really trying to get the ball out of his hands as much as possible.
We're going to see that through the year with these two guys.  People are going to give these two guys, Lee and Christophe, special attention, and we've got to be able to capitalize in other areas.

Q.  Lee, Coach Few was talking about he's got two or three guys, Stockton, Pangos, and I think No.0 who can basically be point guard guys.  Did that make it tough for you today?
LEE BAILEY:  Well, it was just a different look between Stockton and Coleman I think is No.0, because Stockton from the jump I kind of thought I had a size advantage over him so I thought I could get to the basket and Coleman is a more lengthy, athletic player.  So it's different looks, and you just have to do different things.  Changing the defender does make the game more difficult because you can't get in the exact same rhythm.
But yeah, I think their ability to be able to switch and be able to guard and push the ball with different people will definitely be good for them throughout the season.

Q.  Stockton, that's a pretty famous name.  Were you thinking about that at all today?
LEE BAILEY:  No, I wasn't thinking about that.  It's kind of cool just to know, but no, that didn't play a part in the game.

Q.  Coach, your thoughts on taking on Minnesota tomorrow?
COACH BOVAIRD:  Well, they're going to be a very angry team, I know that.  They're going to come and play really hard.
They're good.  Right before they came to the tournament they went to Georgia Tech who's ranked and beat Georgia Tech on the road.  They're a really good team.  It's going to be a challenge.  We know it's going to be a challenge.  They'll come ready to play.  I'm hoping we do, too.

Q.  Christophe early in the game had defenders rotating around him depending on Gonzaga, they switched.  How did you two as a coach and as a player game plan around that, the multiple defenders switching around?
COACH BOVAIRD:  Well, we kind of knew that.  We talked about it in pregame.  We knew good teams like that make adjustments, and we knew that they were going to be double teaming, hedging a little bit harder, just trying to get the ball out of his hands, denying as best as possible.  There's going to be some things we need to work on.  He should be the best screener in the country.  Nobody wants to switch off of him and stuff like that.  We've got to be able to use him in different ways, also, and not just coming down trying to get a shot up.
Our guys, we'll watch it on tape, but I know that our guys what we call slipping and rolling to the hoop got to do a better job of opening up and looking for the ball and taking advantage of two people on one here.  That just means somebody is open somewhere.  We've got to be able to find them.

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