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November 25, 2013

Scott Drew

Gary Franklin

Cory Jefferson


Baylor テや 93
Chaminade テや 77

THE MODERATOR:テつ Okay, we have Coach Drew from Baylor along with Cory Jefferson and Gary Franklin.
COACH DREW:テつ I was very pleased with our team in the second half. テつI thought defensively we were much better holding them to 29%.テつ First half I kept thinking of that word Maui Magic because Christophe was definitely on fire and Chaminade always has a good team.テつ They always compete, they always do well and got a great coach.テつ Got to know him the last couple of days, and really like him and respect him.テつ I know we'll be pulling for him the rest of the year.
Proud of how we battled back and played much better basketball second half, liked our depth.テつ Different people stepped up, and proud of the leadership of the guys not to get rattled.

Q.テつ Coach, we talked about you'd have to guard Varidel.テつ Has there ever been a guy that scored 31 in the first half against you guys ever or in a long time?テつ Can you recall?
COACH DREW:テつ Well, I've been at Baylor 11 years, and I don't remember.テつ Cory, you've been five, Gary four, do you guys remember?
CORY JEFFERSON:テつ No, I don't think so.
GARY FRANKLIN:テつ No, I don't think so.
COACH DREW:テつ I think when we told the guys on the bench he had 31, we were like we knew he had a lot, but that's crazy.

Q.テつ Coach, talk about getting different contributions with a lot of people?
COACH DREW:テつ I thought it started with our leadership, Cory, Gary, Brady, they do a good job of putting the team first.テつ I know Gary and Brady were really on fire early on to allow us to stay in the game.テつ I thought guys moved the ball to get them open shots, and I thought we did a better job getting it inside and getting them some easy ones.
Cory, Rico, Isaiah, did defensively really helped the second half as well.

Q.テつ Did you do things or talk at halftime to the guys about strategically doing something differently with Christophe Varidel?テつ Did you talk to them about maybe going inside more because, like you said, especially in the front court in the second half you guys were more effective in?
COACH DREW:テつ Well in the first half we shot 61% and had 50 points.テつ So all game long we were trying to get easy ones, but every coach will take that offense.テつ I think we put different people on him.テつ I think the big adjustment was we kept mixing around guarding how we guarded ball screens until we got something that worked.テつ I think probably between Kenny, Brady, Gary, Royce, Ish guarding them, I think they wore them down.テつ I thought our bigs did a good job giving them help in the second half as well.テつ But I think that might have had a play into it a little bit.

Q.テつ Cory and Gary, did you guys when you were practicing, did you figure out or guess that Christophe and Lee and Kevin and these guys on Chaminade were going to get buckets and continue to score?テつ Did you guys plan for these guys anyway differently than you would have any other game?
GARY FRANKLIN:テつ Absolutely.テつ We saw on film that they shoot the ball really well.テつ We wanted to get out and contest every shot.テつ We didn't expect at all as many shots as he did.テつ But we made the adjustments that we needed to to win.

Q.テつ Cory, are you going to let that answer stand?
CORY JEFFERSON:テつ Yeah, like Gary said, we watched film, and we knew the kind of players that they were they were going to get shots up and we were ready for that.テつ Defensively I think we started out and we had to make some adjustments throughout the game.テつ I think we ended up doing pretty well with that.テつ But like Gary said, we didn't expect anybody to go for 40.

Q.テつ You have some really highly regarded inside players.テつ Do you think your guards may be a little overlooked perhaps on this team?
COACH DREW:テつ I think that's what makes you a good team is having balance.テつ If a team tries to focus on the interior guys, we've got unselfish guys and they can definitely be more capable of knocking down shots and making plays.テつ I think our perimeter opens it up for inside guys as well and that's why they've been able to be successful.
Can't win unless you've got a good balance, and we feel good about our balance.

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