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November 24, 2013

Archie Miller


JIMMY DYKES:  Seated to his left is head coach of Dayton, Archie Miller.  He's in his third year as head coach there.  He led the Flyers to the NIT tournament in his first season.  He spent time as an assistant coach in Western Kentucky, NorthCarolina State, Arizona State, Ohio State, Arizona.  His brother is a head coach, Sean, in case you don't realize that.  That's why that last name sounds familiar to you.
Terrific point guard, played 122 games for NorthCarolina State in the late '90s and early 2000.  They're coming off what I think is a really good road win at Georgia Tech.  They had some concerns going into that ballgame.  He has a deep, talented, tough, veteran ballclub.  This is a team that I think is going to have really a terrific shot at being in that NCAA Tournament this year, very good defensive ballclub.
You watch his brother's teams play watch him play, you can see they want to get after you on the defensive end and do it without fouling.  So, Archie Miller from Dayton, the microphone is yours.
COACH MILLER:  Thanks, Jimmy.  It's great to be here.  University of Dayton has been very, very fortunate to participate in the Maui Invitational already two times with winning it in 2003.  This is something that everyone looks forward to.  I know as a player when I played and as a coach, this is the one you dial into when you're not in it and you wish you could be here.
It's the premier event, and we're obviously very humble and excited to be here.  Spent one other time here my first year as an assistant at Arizona when we took over there with Sean.  We were in the Maui Invitational in 2009, and the guy next to me took home the title that year.
I can remember being at the tournament watching Gonzaga how they operated in the tournament, not only on the floor but off the floor, and walking away from it saying that's what it's about right there.  That's a true program, great staff, unbelievable players and tremendous chemistry.
Again, I guess four years removed as we get ready to tipoff against them, it's so much of the same.  So we have a great deal of respect for Gonzaga.  Excellence all across the board.  We're very, very excited to compete in the field.  I think this is one of those things that a month down the line, maybe two months down the line, this really improves us fast.  So, again, thanks for obviously having us.  We're very excited to be here and we're looking forward to playing.

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