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November 24, 2013

Scott Drew


JIMMY DYKES:テつ Scott Drew is the head coach of the Baylor Bears.テつ Had their opener this year against SouthCarolina in our 24‑hour marathon, and he has a very talented team.テつ He took over a Baylor program that was completely in the ruts when he took it over.テつ His second or third year they didn't even get to play games until conference season.テつ Had he to completely rebuild the Baylor brand of basketball, and he's done an outstanding job with it.テつ Won the NIT championship last year.テつ It's a program that's used to winning, a high percentage winning rate in the month of March.
He spent ten years as an assistant at Valpo, and one season as the head coach.テつ They'll be in the hunt for the Big 12 title this year along with Kansas, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Scott Drew from Baylor.
COACH DREW:テつ Well, I can tell you when I was an assistant for my dad I always tried to‑‑ he put me in charge of scheduling.テつ We went to Hawaii for several different tournaments, but this is the one I always wanted to get into.テつ We weren't able to because obviously everyone in the country wants to play here because it's the premier tournament.テつ I know when I got to Baylor this was the first thing I tried to do.テつ I think finally Coach Odom got tired of answering my phone calls and put us in here.
So this is a bucket list thing for me personally.テつ I know our team is very excited.テつ You have great coaches, great programs.テつ I agree with Coach Boeheim, there's going to be numerous teams in the NCAA Tournament.テつ To come in undefeated with the parity in college basketball just speaks very highly of not only the fan support and the basketball programs and coaches and players, but also for Coach Odom and his staff bringing in this field this year.
So, unfortunately, I know we all can't leave here undefeated.テつ But we're all going to learn more about our teams while being out here, and we'll be better teams which will help us the rest of the season.テつ Thank you for allowing us to be able to be a part of this.テつ And I think all of us agree we definitely don't get this kind of weather or hospitality back home.

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