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August 25, 2000

Padraig Harrington

Colin Montgomerie

Greg Orr


PADRAIG HARRINGTON: (65, 141 total.) It's the best round of the day, so far. I left a few shots out there today, but health-wise, I'm feeling so much better. This is my best day for the last four weeks. I've learned that I must be more careful in the future with my neck, which has been sore since the Dutch Open. I'm getting a manipulation technique for my neck. My wife has to do it to me once a day on the recommendation of the chiropractor. That will help because he says there is a tiny disc bulge in my neck. My mobility is so much better today. This is the first time I've played on my own, ever, in a competitive round, as an amateur or professional. It felt very strange, but at least there were still some people out there, and it was a beautiful course. Normally, I always learn from the guy I'm playing with, but today, I was alone in my own little bubble. Maybe I should do that more often. I was around in two hours, 50 minutes, and it was very comfortable. The last time I did that? Last week, actually, but only for nine holes. My goal today was to get back to level par and I very nearly managed it.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: (69, 140 total.) The crowd reaction this week has been super. It's a big thrill to have that change. There's a buzz around the tees and the greens at the moment, people saying, "He's lost weight, he is looking good." I have really enjoyed my last six rounds here. The putting is the thing that's stopping me from scoring at the moment. I'm not converting my chances. The ball is not going into the hole. I made a 2 at the 6th hole, which was a 7-iron from 176 yards. That got me to 3-under for the day and 2-under for the tournament; so, it was disappointing to slip back. I think I turned a 65 or a 66 into a 69. It is disappointing, but it is still a pleasure to play here. I had great chances to make birdies on 7 and 8, but then doubled the 9th; so looking from 4- or 5-under I was back to 1-under. I missed far too many fairways. As for Tiger Woods, it is phenomenal that he is 11-under par after 24 holes; and five ahead. I could only see -- I can only see that gap widening, and good luck to him.

GARY ORR: (68, 138 total.) I was pleased to make progress today. I played terrible in the front nine and had to scramble like crazy. I drove into the bunker at the 4th and made bogey. Then missed the next four greens and got it up-and-down, which is not easy on this course. I hit some good pitches and good putts. I played better after that. I was disappointed to make 6 at the 16th. I pulled my second shot into the rough, and could not take a chance with my third shot, with the water in front of the green. Overall, I've enjoyed the experience of playing over here for the first time. It is totally different to Europe, and I think you have to do it a few times to get used to it. The course is excellent. The greens are pure, and there are big, vocal crowds. It is great.

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