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May 26, 2005

Wade Ormsby


Q. Talk us through your round and what happened out there, in particular the finish.

WADE ORMSBY: I started off hitting it a little bit scrappy. Then I bogeyed the third, birdied the fourth.

3, I just caught the right hand fairway trap and hit a pretty good 7 iron just short of the green and missed a relatively straightforward up and down.

Birdie 4, the par 5. I hit driver, 5 iron into there driver, 4 iron into the front trap and hit a bunker shot to a foot and a half which is nice. I was pretty happy with my 4, but they both had eagles, made 3s.

Q. Pretty level all the way through.

WADE ORMSBY: Next probably five or six holes just made pars and then I birdied 11. I hit a good sand iron into about three or four foot, and then I hit probably the worst shot of the day. I hit driver on 12 tee and hit a hard, hooking scramble for a bogey, probably easiest hole on the golf course and hit it back to even and hit driver, 9 iron to a foot on the next, actually pretty nice.

Then made two good pars, the next two, two good saves. And then 16, hit 3 iron off the tee, had a bit of a hanging lie from my second and hit a pitching wedge into about 25 yards short of the pin and made that.

17, I was tossing up whether to hit 2 iron or 3 wood, and went with the 3 wood and hit it in the right hand rough, or just in the first cut; and laid up with a 7 iron and pitched a sand iron in there from 102 yards and made about a 12 footer, I guess.

18, straight through the fairway into the fairway trap.

Q. Driver?

WADE ORMSBY: Yeah, driver, and had a bit of an awkward stance in the trap with the ball below my feet and hit 7 iron in the middle of the fairway. Had 72 yards and nice lob wedge to about four feet. Nice way to finish. I haven't done that for a long, long time.

Q. Those three birdies turned a decent round into a good round.

WADE ORMSBY: Yeah, the thing with this place, I haven't played here a lot, I played here quite a bit last year, but not in tournaments; my first time here. But if you can get it with the wind the way it is, if you can get through eight holes or nine holes, you can come home, so that's pretty good.

Q. You got the score posted on the board pretty early, as well.


Q. Greens were in good condition?

WADE ORMSBY: Yeah, they were perfect. It was nice to take advantage of it.

Q. What time were you up this morning?

WADE ORMSBY: I was up at 7:10.

Q. What time did you have to get up for that?

WADE ORMSBY: Twenty past 5:00. I'm staying around the corner so that's perfect. I'm living with Richard Green just ten minutes down the road.

Q. How long have you been staying with Richard?

WADE ORMSBY: Just since before the

British Masters. We get on really well, have the same interests, so pretty easy to get on with.

Q. How has your season been?

WADE ORMSBY: Been up and down. I played well at a few events in China. I had three weeks where I've been right up there and haven't finished it off in the last round, but I felt like my game is coming along to be honest at the start of the week. Played well the first round last week, second round played horrifically. I think it's just day in, day out into the wind, takes its toll on the golf swing, so just have to forget about it and do the work and hope it returns the favour. It's all starting to come around. Here, it's easy.

I'm looking forward to a lot of the events coming on from now on pretty much, since the British Masters onward, you have 12 or so that are great events.

Q. Big money events.

WADE ORMSBY: Yeah, and I played pretty poorly in every event middle of the year last year apart from the Scottish Open. Made my money at start of the year and end of the year in the small events and didn't do much in the middle of year. Trying to rectify that and play well in the middle of the year.

Q. You're playing for some serious money this week, aren't you?

WADE ORMSBY: It's nice, isn't it? BMW have come on board, perfect.

Q. Good to get that 68 the first day?

WADE ORMSBY: I guess the cut is always going to be in your mind, you don't want to have to think about that. You just want to be able to go out there and play your own game and take advantage of the par 5, I think is the main key around here, but played three of them well and one of them poor.

Q. What's the run next year?

WADE ORMSBY: I'm going to play Wales, Dutch, week off, maybe go home, and U.S. Open qualifier.

Q. What about the Open qualifier?

WADE ORMSBY: Yeah, I'll do both of them. I'm looking forward to it, it should be good.

End of FastScripts.

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