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November 17, 2013

Luke Donald


Q.  Thoughts on the week?
LUKE DONALD:  Very positive after a slow start, to be 16‑under for my last three rounds, finally played the par 5s better today.  That was sort of my undoing the first three days.  But very pleased the way I played, and definitely feel like I'm moving in the right direction.  As I said, it's not been the best of years, but to come here and get in the mix has been a lot of fun.

Q.  Well, if you reflect as the season is over, the year as a whole, it's a work‑in‑progress I guess.
LUKE DONALD:  It has been a little bit of a transitional year, a few changes, and certainly I expect to be playing like I did this week for much of next year.  That's the plan.

Q.  As the first man to have won the Money List on each side of the Atlantic, what's your appreciation of the man who is doing it this time around?
LUKE DONALD:  He has not won the Money List in the U.S. but he did win The Race to Dubai and the FedExCup, which neither Rory or myself did.  Obviously very, very impressive.  I don't think there's been a better player in golf the last six months, and Henrik looks in total control.  He's missed one green the first three days.  He's making golf look easy, and believe me, it's not that easy.  Hats off to him and he deserves everything he's getting.

Q.  Nice way to end your season.  What are the main positives you take from this week?
LUKE DONALD:  Yeah, a lot of positives.  Obviously a slow start on Thursday, but to be 16‑under for my last three rounds is not quite as good as Mr.Stenson, but yeah, very encouraging signs.  This is a place I've predominately played pretty well.  I feel pretty comfortable around this place.  There's all kind of positives from this week, both my tee‑to‑green game and my putting is a little bit better, which had gone away for a little bit.  Everything is getting back to where I remember it, which is nice.

Q.  You were telling us yesterday about the work you doing with Chuck Cook, your new coach.  Is it rest now or work over the winter?
LUKE DONALD:  There will be a little rest just before Christmas, but I'll be working pretty hard after Christmas.

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