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November 16, 2013

Robert Karlsson


THE MODERATOR:テつ Welcome from the OHL Classic Mayakoba.テつ We're here with Mr.Karlsson.
Tell us a little bit about your round.テつ How did you feel today?
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ It was nice to get off to a decent start.テつ We had a bit of problems on the first hole.テつ Kevin Stadler hit to the right, so it took a long time kind of to get the round going.
So it was nice to knock in a few birdies.テつ Everybody is making birdies just to keep going.
THE MODERATOR:テつ You just played a few holes, but how do you feel the course is compared to yesterday?
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ It's unbelievable, I think, that we're playing golf at all.テつ The amount of rain we've had, the golf course should be unplayable.テつ So to just play is fantastic.
It's drying out nicely day by day.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions.

Q.テつ Do you feel like it's one of those weekends you have to make as many birdies as you can and be very aggressive?
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ The golf course is set up that way.テつ I think every golfer is trying to play within their comfort zone but as close to the border as they can.
I think everybody takes the same attitude.テつ You're just trying to make birdies and leave unnecessary mistakes out.テつ If you get hot with the putter you can get onto a streak.
They've moved up quite a few of the tees because it is wet in some of the landing areas, so the course is playing quite short.テつ I think the pins today have been quite generous.テつ Plenty of birdies out there.

Q.テつ What are your plans for next week and your schedule?
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ After tomorrow I put the clubs away for a couple weeks.テつ Going to have six weeks off.テつ So maybe tomorrow night I will try a couple tequilas.テつ Have to try the local drink.テつ And watch the Carolina Panthers play football tomorrow night, or Monday night.テつ I have missed my wife's birthday, so a lot of important stuff I missed.
It will be normal golf this year.テつ No tournaments until the beginning of January.

Q.テつ (Question regarding Stadler and the McGladrey.)
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ Yeah, I thought during the round I was going to miss top 10.テつ Had a good shot on the 18th to give myself a chance to knock it in, but I thought, No chance.
When I knocked it in, I was lying 12th.テつ I started looking at what I'm going to do this week, how I'm going to get to South Africa.テつ My flight just left I think actually right now.テつ All the plans were in place.
Then we started to drive home from Sea Island to Charlotte with my caddie.テつ We were sitting in the car and checked it up that Kevin made a double bogey on 16.テつ So it was like, Oh, we're 10th now.
No, we're not.テつ No, we're not, we're 11th.テつ Then we had the play‑by‑play on for the rest of the round.テつ He hit a good drive on 18.テつ He was on the green 37 feet away.テつ Saw that on the ShotTracker.テつ I was like, Okay, 37 feet.テつ He's going to two‑putt from there.テつ So we actually turned it off.
So I'm like, Okay, South Africa it is, and that's final decision.テつ 15 minutes later I got a text saying, You're in the McGladrey‑‑ or in Mexico.テつ I'm like, What?テつ How did that happen?テつ He must have three‑putted.
All of a sudden I spent four out of five hours in the car trying to change flights, get hotel rooms, organize all sorts of things.テつ It was easier for me than it was for my caddie because he's got a car at Heathrow.テつ He's got all sorts of things going on.
But it's all good to be here.テつ You've got to wondering who's decided I am going to play today and tomorrow with Kevin Stadler, because I don't know what's going on.

Q.テつ It was a good thing that that happened.
ROBERT KARLSSON:テつ Yeah.テつ It's good to be here.テつ It's a bonus to play here in Mexico.テつ Never been here.テつ I don't have to go to South Africa, which is a very, very long trip.テつ It's going to be quite nice to get a little bit longer winter.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Best of luck for the rest of your round and your next round tomorrow.テつ Have a great one.

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