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November 16, 2013

Harris English


HARRIS ENGLISH:テつ I played par‑3s pretty good this week.テつ Hit a nice niner in there to about six feet.テつ Made that one, and hit it probably eight feet on the last one.
I've been putting good all week.テつ That's been my strength, so I'd like to keep it rolling.

Q.テつ I was keeping my eye on you, because I know you were frustrated not taking advantage of the par‑5s on this side of course.テつ Then you rebound that the birdie‑birdie finish.
HARRIS ENGLISH:テつ Yes, I guess especially No. 5 back there had kind of an in‑between shot.テつ Decided 5‑iron and had about 45, 50 feet and ended up 3‑putting.テつ I've been putting good all week so it really didn't get me down.
I knew I had some holes coming in to make some birdies.

Q.テつ Looks like you're going to be in for a really long day.テつ We're going to play golf until sunset.テつ You ready for this?
HARRIS ENGLISH:テつ I'm ready.テつ I got to play one hole yesterday morning and had to wait around all afternoon, so I am ready to play some golf.

Q.テつ Who do the Dogs have today?テつ Is this War Eagle weekend?
HARRIS ENGLISH:テつ It is War Eagle weekend.テつ 2:30 I think is kickoff this time, so hopefully I'll play around 3:30 or 4:00 and get to watch a little bit of it.

Q.テつ Four starts thus far on this PGA TOUR wraparound season, four made cuts.テつ You're in decent form.テつ What's been its key to good play?
HARRIS ENGLISH:テつ Well, the last three weeks, last two tournaments, my ball‑striking has been unbelievable.テつ Finally this tournament my putting has come around.テつ I changed putters and went back to my old Ping putter that I played with in college.テつ Just brought back some good memories and been putting really well this week.

Q.テつ Still very young in PGA TOUR terms.テつ You won your first time in Memphis in June.テつ Now that you have a win under your belt, mentally how do you approach events on the weekend when you're in contention?
HARRIS ENGLISH:テつ Yeah, it's different.テつ I mean, it's all a learning experience.テつ I've been in that situation before, especially with Brian Smith, my caddie.テつ He's helped me out in these situations just to keep continue what I'm doing:テつ stay in the moment, stay in the present, and then just go shot by shot and see how it goes.

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