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November 15, 2013

Justin Rose


Q.  Yesterday you admitted to a few miss‑hit shots in a round of 70.  How much better were things today?
JUSTIN ROSE:  A little bit better.  My goal today was to go out there and try and hit great golf shots, rather than put a score together.
I felt like yesterday, I was just too score‑conscious, too worried about not making mistakes rather than playing great golf.  Today I tried to see the ball going at the flag a lot more.  It was better I think.
A couple‑‑ I just feel like I'm not quite with it in terms of a couple big shots I had on the back nine, 5‑iron into the par5, 14, leaked it right, nearly went in the water and then 18, great tee shot, 3‑iron into the green and leaked it out to the right.
So I just need to get that commitment even more on the weekend.  But a good move today and a good, strong finish to sort of keep me keeping pace.  I think Henrik, this course seems really tailor‑made for Henrik.   He seems to be able to take advantage of all the par5s, and he's playing really, really well.  Tough to catch but I'll give myself a chance.

Q.  You've talked about the J.R. Challenge where you go away with your golfing buddies and this year you went to Merion.  Tell us how special that was to return to there, and is it true they also dressed up in your final day outfit?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, we did, we had a great rotation of four courses.  We do it every year but this year included Merion.  It was very special to go back there and it was nice to walk down memory lane and be able to share it with all of them and tell them what I was feeling at different points of the round, and it was great for me to reminisce.
As we were about to leave for the course, they said to me, you'd better go up and change, and I came down out of the list and 11 Mini‑Me's were walking around.  It was all good fun, and Merion got a kick out of it.  Like I said, the club were great to us.

Q.  I take it your thoughts on completing 17 and 18 are much more favorable today?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah are, absolutely.  I think I was maybe a bit fresher.  Happened a bit earlier in the day and it was nice to finish that way, absolutely.  Kept pace, nice, strong finish.  I felt like the scoring, I felt it was very scorable out there today.  I really felt like everybody should be or could be going low and obviously some of the leaders are.
But I thought that 5‑under was good enough for me just to stay in the tournament, which I'm happy about.  Obviously Henrik and the boys are a few holes to play and I'm sure they can attack on a couple more birdies to make my job increasingly difficult, but like I said, I've got a chance.

Q.  You say kept pace.  Initially we thought, you're drifting away, you haven't done anything wrong, but the leaders are moving ahead but it's a good thing the back nine happened the way it did?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I was drifting in the wrong direction and birdies were slow and hard to come by.  I felt like the course was easy, but I had to stay patient and there are opportunities the back nine can produce.  I'm waiting for my run; a little bit like Turkey, I'm hoping it comes at the right time and I can capitalise on it.
I think I've made the most of not playing well the first couple days, so I guess that's an art form in itself of trying to get the most out of my golf.  It would be nice to make it a bit easier on myself and click into a gear where I don't have to be thinking about everything too much and too hard.
I was happy the way I putted today after yesterday.  I read the greens so much better today than yesterday, and that bodes well for making birdies on the weekend.

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