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November 14, 2013

Henrik Stenson


Q.  How frustrating to finish like that having played so beautifully today?
HENRIK STENSON:  I played really solid.  I hit a lot of good shots, and a lot of good putts, as well.  But the greens are quick, a lot of grain, everything that looks to be in the hole when it's three feet left, they kind of break out of there, and had a couple of two or three lipouts, as well.  So a lot of good chances, and hit some good putts, too.
Then, yeah, I was tired at the last and lost‑‑ slipped a bit on the focus on the first putt and over‑hit it and hit it four feet by, and maybe didn't hit the best putt.  But it definitely nudged on something and didn't go in.  So, yeah, frustrating to drop one there, playing nicely.
But still a good first round.  I'm playing good, so not to be worried about the game out there and it's another three days to go.

Q.  How good was your long game?  Today it looked fantastic.
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, it was good.  I hit most of the fairways and most of the greens and gave myself lots of chances.  But like I said, it's tricky greens to make a lot of putts on.  I think all the guys would feel more or less that way.  It's just keep on playing well and giving myself chances.
It's a good start.  I'm playing nicely, and just let my focus slip.  I'm tired.  It's hard work out there.  It's been a lot of hard work all this season, and the last couple of weeks, and you know, just let one slip on the last and knocked it four feet by and missed the one coming back.
But still in good shape and I'm playing nicely.  Three more days, one day down and three to go.

Q.  Your playing partner said it felt like a very long day itself, let alone the weeks leading up to this.
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, all the guys are running on fumes.  A quarter of the field is battling injuries from the season, so everyone is just happy to get down and try and hang in there another three days really.

Q.  And last aside, it does mean that you've rubber‑stamped your position to a degree.
HENRIK STENSON:  You can't win tournaments on a Thursday but you can certainly play your way out of them.  I'm happy the way I'm playing and I would have taken 4‑under.  Yeah, just let that slight disappointment on the 3‑putt on the last disappear and then we'll look forward for tomorrow.

Q.  That must be a very, very satisfying opening I would have thought.
HENRIK STENSON:  Absolutely.  I'm playing nicely.  Hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens and gave myself plenty of chances.  I definitely hit a lot of good putts out there today, as well, but the greens are tricky to read and you know, I should have been a good couple better than what I was, and especially with‑‑ when I let the concentration slip on the last and 3‑putted from like 12 feet down the hill.
So that's the only bad one today.  But other than that, I'm pleased with the way I'm playing and it's a great start.

Q.  What's the key for you at the moment?  You seem to very regularly get off to good starts to really put yourself in thick of it from the word go.
HENRIK STENSON:  I've played well tee‑to‑green so much this year, and my putting has been all right, as well.
So if you keep on hitting a lot of fairways and greens and give yourself chances, you should be shooting good scores, as well.  And again, we get off to a good start and still long ways to go.  Another full three days to play, so we are in good shape.

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