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November 13, 2013

Camilo Villegas


CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ I'm very well.テつ Happy to be here in Mexico.テつ I haven't been able to come before.テつ It was always tough given the schedule to make it here just because I would be playing elsewhere.
However, this year I turned down an invitation to be in the World Cup because I heard such good things about the course, about the quality of the people from my fellow professionals.
I got here mobbed Monday night, had dinner.テつ A lot of food.テつ I absolutely love Mexican food.
I woke up early yesterday and went for a walk around the course.テつ Very nice course.テつ Very nice course.
Now I'm ready to play in the Pro‑Am in a couple hours.

Q.テつ We know that climate is a factor.
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Climate is always a factor and determines a large part of the difficulty of a course.
I knew coming in there was a lot of wind, with the mangroves on the side, that may be an issue.

Q.テつ What does your schedule look like for the rest of the year?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ This is the last tournament of this year.テつ I will go home after this to Colombia to train, rest up a little but, and be back in the United States at the end of December.

Q.テつ How do you feel being a representative of Latin America in a sport that's dominated by American players?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ I'm honored to be a representative of Latin America.テつ I've always said there should be more Latins.テつ I don't want to be the only Colombian on tour.
With the PGA TOUR Latin America now in swing, this has been a great opportunity for more players to be developed.

Q.テつ It's always good to have a person of your stature at this tournament.テつ What can we expect from your game?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Well, there is going to be effort, like at every tournament.テつ I'm going to put full effort into my game, and hopefully I can play to that level.
But beyond that, there is also the love in my heart for being a representative of all Latin Americans in the game this week.テつ I'm excited about that.

Q.テつ With all the rain, will this being a factor in whether or not you'll be doing your classic pose of Spiderman?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ This last year I haven't been doing this pose very much.テつ My knee has been bothering me a little bit.
Rain shouldn't be a factor, but my knee might.

Q.テつ How is your knee here with the humid climate?テつ Has this affected your knee?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ It's really more a preventive thing.テつ Just got out of the gym.テつ I just worked out.テつ Working out like I usually do.
When I get in my stance and do my swing it's not bothering me at all, so, again, it's just a preventive thing.

Q.テつ How do you see the level of your fellow Latin players?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ I know Camarテδウn is out there.テつ He's playing this year.テつ He's been playing very well on PGA TOUR Latin America.
We'll see this as an opportunity to kind of prove himself on this higher level of golf.
The other fellow PGA TOUR members, like I said, we're playing against the best golfers in the world.テつ We'll give it our best.テつ Hopefully things will work out well.

Q.テつ How do you find the golf course?テつ Do you think it's difficult?テつ How does it compare to other golf courses on tour?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ To be honest, I haven't played it.テつ I walked it yesterday to kind of take notes.
Today I'll play for the first time in the Pro‑Am.テつ Just from what I saw yesterday, the main difference is going to be the mangroves.テつ Some fairways that are relatively wide become relatively smaller once you put in that wind factor.

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