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November 10, 2013

Briny Baird


Q.テつ Briny, let me start by saying great playing this week.
BRINY BAIRD:テつ Thanks.テつ I appreciate it.

Q.テつ Tough break on the last hole where your ball ended up.テつ Tough shot obviously, but a huge putt.テつ Looking on the positive side of things, to get the money that you needed for your medical to be exempt.
BRINY BAIRD:テつ You know, there's always a silver lining.テつ Whether I made that putt or missed that putt, I still would have said it was a good week.
It's disappointing.テつ I fought really, really hard.テつ I really did.テつ I didn't play particularly well today.テつ I hung in there really good.テつ I made some putts when I needed to make some putts.テつ Disappointing.テつ It really is.

Q.テつ I'm sure it is disappointing, but again, great playing this week.テつ You've gotten off to a great start this year.テつ Keep up the good playing.テつ It'll come, buddy.
BRINY BAIRD:テつ Thanks, I appreciate that.

Q.テつ Briny, what were your options out of the bunker there on 18?
BRINY BAIRD: テつFour or five‑iron.テつ You know, he was making four from where he was.テつ I didn't have obviously a really good lie, but it was a doable shot.テつ My foot just slipped.テつ It was a doable shot.テつ It really was.テつ I didn't do a good job.

Q.テつ Did your back foot slip?
BRINY BAIRD:テつ Felt like it was my left foot.

Q.テつ What happened on that drive?
BRINY BAIRD:テつ I didn't hit a good drive.テつ I don't know how much you saw.テつ I hit a drive today that was probably 60 yards behind Stadler, and he doesn't hit it 60 past me, and I skyed it.テつ I didn't hit it real good today.テつ I didn't really feel like my swing was doing much, and I managed my game really good and lo and behold I had a three or four‑foot putt‑‑ probably a four‑foot putt on 15 to go 5‑under for the day and wasn't‑‑ really didn't feel like I was hitting it very good at all.
So I did really good to give myself a chance.テつ It's amazing what the difference could have been if I'd have just made a bogey earlier in the day off an errant tee shot or maybe not made birdie on whatever hole that was, 14, incredible 3‑iron.テつ That one I hit really good and made the putt.テつ If I miss that putt and make par on 18 and lose by a shot, it sure would sting less.テつ It really doesn't matter.テつ You gotta add up all 72 holes.テつ It's disappointing.

Q.テつ A chance to win here in the final round.テつ Briny, how would you assess your play here on Sunday?
BRINY BAIRD:テつ I played good.テつ I didn't feel like I had very much today.テつ And I hung in there really good.テつ I will a four or five‑foot putt on 15 to go 5‑under for the day, and you know, definitely not locked down in the tournament but I had a really good look at making a birdie to take a couple‑shot lead, and I missed that putt.テつ And it hurts to do what I did on the last hole to make bogey on the last hole.

Q.テつ Take us through 18, what were you were thinking.テつ Chris also in a little bit of trouble off the tee.
BRINY BAIRD:テつ Yeah.テつ I hit a terrible tee shot, and I turned to my caddie before we saw where my ball ended up and I told him, I was like, if I would have hit the fairway I would have looked to you and said that was 50/50.テつ Maybe not even.テつ It would have been kind of lucky.テつ Obviously I told him I didn't feel good with my swing, wasn't comfortable, and exactly when I told him that I said you mix that with nerves and it's a recipe for disaster.テつ And you gotta handle it a little bit better, and I did really good for the most part.テつ I've only played a few tournaments in a year and a half, and you know, I know that I did a lot of good stuff this week, and it's somewhat disappointing the way it ended.

Q.テつ What are those positives?テつ What did you learn from this that you can use moving forward?
BRINY BAIRD:テつ I put myself right there in a great position, and I don't know what else I learned.テつ That's it.

Q.テつ Well, we appreciate your time all week long.テつ Thanks, Briny.テつ A little awkward stance, right?テつ Left foot was a little higher?テつ Briny, the combination of the three‑putt on 14 you thought you had a chance to win, Chris making five.
BRINY BAIRD:テつ I didn't really have a bearing at the time.テつ I was in my game only, not worried about what he was doing per se.テつ So I was kind of locked in.テつ We still had three holes after that hole to go, and you know, two, you know, tee shots that I know are not the easiest ones in the world and especially 16.
So I wasn't in there yet.テつ It wasn't down to a match play.テつ You still had to play golf and either one of us could have made a couple birdies coming in, and he made his putt on 17.

Q.テつ Were you happy just to get‑‑ to lag that one up as close as you did on 17?テつ That thing swung a little bit?
BRINY BAIRD:テつ Yeah.テつ Without a doubt.テつ Without a doubt.テつ I put it back on him to have to make, and he did.

Q.テつ You had the two‑shot swing in your favor on 14.テつ And both of you guys made pars from different planets on 15.テつ That probably had to feel like a two‑shot swing even though you had the same score?
BRINY BAIRD:テつ Yeah.テつ Like I said, I wasn't really paid attention to what he was doing on 15.テつ I was just worrying about what I was doing.テつ And to tell you the truth, I thought when I hit my putt‑‑ I knew it was too hard, but it looked like it was going to track and I was like the way the week's gone, it's been a really good week and I've stayed really positive and I've done a lot of really good things this week.テつ I honestly thought that ball was just going to keep turning and just slam the back of the hole and go in and I was just going to look to my caddie and be like, you've gotta be kidding me.テつ This is awesome.テつ And I didn't hit a real good putt coming back.

Q.テつ Briny, to do this after not having a whole lot of tournament competition under your belt in the past 18 months or so and now you've got enough money so you can be out here pretty often, are you going to use that as a positive?テつ You're going to get more opportunities.
BRINY BAIRD:テつ Yeah.テつ This game's so humbling it's incredible.テつ I mean I could have crawled into a shell walking up to the green on 18 knowing that I had no realistic chance at winning the golf tournament without doing what I did and then him missing a really short putt or something.
So yeah, you gotta take away some silver linings.テつ To play as many tournaments‑‑ it's not all about winning.テつ I've said that, but this hurts.テつ This really does.テつ This is very disappointing.

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