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November 10, 2013

Ian Poulter


Q.  Your verdict on the week?
IAN POULTER:  Just a bit disappointed to be honest.  You know, today, I think I had plenty of chances.  Didn't take them.  A few putts slid past, which was a little bit frustrating and come up a little bit short.  Victor has played lovely again today, and all credit to him.

Q.  You tried to put the pressure on and he didn't seem to feel it.
IAN POULTER:  Yeah, I just couldn't quite get close enough.  You know, got within a couple, but he kept himself in front.  I was pressing and just obviously didn't quite have it.

Q.  You've got a nice sense of the drama this keeps it bubbling nicely for next week, doesn't it?
IAN POULTER:  Yeah, of course.  I guess, you know, finishing up there, being in the last group is always good.  I'm just a bit sour at the minute.

Q.  A lot of good things to take away from this week.
IAN POULTER:  Yeah, again, I guess.  Just a little bit frustrated to be honest.  You know, I don't expect to finish fifth when I'm in the last group.  So yeah, there's some great stuff and I'm in good form, which bodes well for next week.  But I'm not happy.

Q.  Do you feel like you had to press a little bit today to make up that ground and that altered your plan?
IAN POULTER:  No, there was no plan that I had to go out and do anything different than what I've done the last few weeks.  Just go and play good golf.  I felt I played well today.  I just missed a couple of putts.  A couple of putts lipped‑out, and it wasn't going to go for me.  So you know, hats off to Victor.  It's a great first win, and it's all credit to him.

Q.  Going into next week, put yourself in a good spot.
IAN POULTER:  Yeah, I'm in a good position.  I guess when you can keep finishing Top‑5, it is good.  Again, things move forward, but I'm frustrated.

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