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November 9, 2013

Victor Dubuisson


Q.テつ From America, at least, we don't know much about you.テつ Can you just talk about your game and being on The European Tour and stuff like that?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ My game, you know, it's.

Q.テつ Poulter said that you were very long off the tee.
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ Yeah, sometime I can be very long when I'm under pressure, with the adrenaline, I can hit the ball very long.テつ But here I try to keep it on the fairway.テつ Of course on some par 5s, I try to hit big so I can catch the green in two.
And this week, you know, it's all about my short game.テつ I really improved that in the last few months.テつ I've been working hard around the chipping green, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, before the tournament starts, so it did help me a lot this week, you know, on the par5.テつ I had some good up‑and‑downs today.
.テつ Sometimes you turn a good up‑and‑down and birdie on the next hole, you know, you are supposed to make birdie, par, you make birdie, birdie and that's what I did today.

Q.テつ Some pretty big names behind you.テつ How do you feel about that?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ You know, I try to don't think about it because if I think about it, I will put too much pressure on myself.テつ But I know tomorrow Tiger and Henrik, they will shoot very low score, so I have to keep the same strategy.テつ I know I have a five‑shot lead, but with all these great players, tomorrow it will be a very tough day.

Q.テつ How will you be able to sleep tonight?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ I don't know.テつ I'm very tired now, so I think I will sleep easy tonight.テつ But it will be very stressed I think.

Q.テつ 9‑under in the situation you were in today, leading, but as you know, all the guys that are in this field‑‑ where would you put this round in the round of your career?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ In the No. 1‑‑ I shot 10‑under last year at St. Andrews for the course record, but it was the first round.テつ But with the situation, it's the best day I did since I turned pro.

Q.テつ Ianテつ Poulterテつ last week showed he's one of best going head‑to‑head; how much are you looking forward to the opportunity to go head‑to‑head with him tomorrow?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:テつ Very looking forward.テつ But as I said, I try just to don't think about tomorrow now, because it's going to be a very long day, and so many great guys right now in the field, I just try to don't think about it, and to play my game, because they are good players‑‑ if I start to think about, yeah, Ianテつ Poulter, I played with him in Korea last year, as well, and he's a very, very good player.
So I will see tomorrow.

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