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November 8, 2013

Briny Baird


Q.テつ Briny, even par, seventh in round two.テつ 7‑under for the tournament.テつ Which round was more impressive, your 7‑under yesterday or your even par today?
BRINY BAIRD:テつ The 7‑under yesterday was definitely more impressive.テつ I'm happy with today's day.テつ I didn't play particularly well and managed‑‑ I wouldn't have played today if you could have told me I could take a 70.テつ Absolutely no doubt would have sat in the clubhouse and just watched everybody else struggle.テつ There's a chance you could go out there and shoot 3, 4, 5‑under, but there's a real good chance you can go out there and shoot 2, 3, 4 over today.テつ It played tough.

Q.テつ Did the wind lighten up?

Q.テつ It seemed your second nine, you were 2‑under on your second nine.
BRINY BAIRD:テつ No.テつ The wind did not lighten up.

Q.テつ And what was working for you the best?テつ What was keeping you in the game today?
BRINY BAIRD:テつ Seemed like I made a birdie when I really needed to make a birdie and it's amazing how that can keep you going from too far south.
I managed to make bogey on my ninth hole, No. 18, and made a good par on 1 and managed to make a birdie, birdie.
You know, I stayed close to par almost the whole day, but when you're 2‑over in this wind, you're on the cusp of possibly getting several more over if you're not patient.テつ And you know, I hit a couple good shots when I needed to.

Q.テつ A couple of those shots, No. 3 and No. 6, take me through those birdies on those par‑3s?
BRINY BAIRD:テつ No. 3 I hit a really good shot to probably 25, 30 feet.テつ You'll be able to look it up.テつ Behind the hole, and long enough putt where I'm not really trying to make it.テつ It was just a bonus putt.テつ 6, I hit a good shot and had a very makeable putt into 6 from 15 feet.テつ I got a really good read from Chris Stroud.

Q.テつ What did you hit in there?
BRINY BAIRD:テつ I hit an 8‑iron, and the other one was a 3‑iron.

Q.テつ Perfect.テつ Thank you, sir.

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