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November 8, 2013

Brian Harman


Q.テつ Off early on this Friday, 2‑under par for Brian Harman, but it didn't look good early, four over through five.テつ How were you able to turn it around?
BRIAN HARMAN:テつ I got a great caddie.テつ He settled me down real nice, yeah, but it was coming off the rails pretty quick there for a little while.テつ But I knew if I settled in, it was going to be real tough for everybody today, and I knew I had at least a couple birdies.テつ I certainly didn't expect to get all the way back to 2‑under and that chip‑in on the last hole was pretty cool.

Q.テつ Very windy at the beginning of the week.テつ Yesterday there was none.テつ How much did this golf course change from Thursday to Friday?
BRIAN HARMAN:テつ Yeah, it's funny.テつ Kevin and I were talking, he said, what do you do on normal days out here when it's blowing like this?テつ I said, I can't ever remember it blowing like this.テつ And by the same token, I don't ever remember a day where it was as calm as it was yesterday.テつ So it's two completely different golf courses, but I'm glad that they're going to have to play in the teeth at Seaside.テつ Shooting 60 out here last year, Tommy Gainey, the course didn't have a whole lot of teeth, but it's got some today.

Q.テつ What's the biggest adjustment you have to make when you have conditions change so much?
BRIAN HARMAN:テつ You've really gotta control your spin and control your trajectory.テつ And it's so hard‑‑ for me I feel like it's so hard to hit the ball solid when it's cold and it's windy.テつ And that's the one thing you really gotta focus on because an unsolid golf shot, there's just no telling where it's going to go.

Q.テつ You've called this place home for about four years now.テつ What's the most exciting part about playing here and playing well in front of fans and family?
BRIAN HARMAN:テつ Yeah, just having all my family in town.テつ They all came out at 6:50 this morning to watch us tee it up.テつ So that's pretty special.テつ I'm lucky I get to sleep in my bed this week, and I couldn't be any more thankful.

Q.テつ Brian, very difficult conditions out there.テつ Seemed like it took you about nine holes to get used to it.
BRIAN HARMAN:テつ Yeah, it was coming off the rails there quick for a little while there on the front nine.テつ My caddie settled me down, and played really welcoming in.テつ That was fun.

Q.テつ Any time you can shoot 30 when the wind is blowing 30 miles an hour, you've done a pretty good job.
BRIAN HARMAN:テつ Yeah.テつ He told me, he said, it's tough for everybody out there.テつ If you can just settle down and relax, I think you'll be all right.テつ I just took a couple of extra seconds on every shot and it worked out well.

Q.テつ Well, you thrilled your home‑town crowd with that little 30‑yard chip‑in on the last hole.テつ Tell me what happened.
BRIAN HARMAN:テつ Well, I duffed it out of the fairway bunker to set up that perfect chip shot.テつ Yeah, it looked good the whole way.テつ Had pretty good pace to it, I think.テつ So that was one of those ones you just kind of take a second and enjoy it and just watch it.

Q.テつ Great job so far.テつ Good luck this weekend.テつテつテつ

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