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November 8, 2013

Matt Kuchar


Q.テつ Friday 68.テつ Tremendous playing in those conditions.
MATT KUCHAR:テつ Yeah.テつ Today was really tough.テつ The wind was steady at kind of 25 miles an hour.テつ And putting these greens, they're thankfully not that fast, but with some slope and grain on them, you get 25‑mile‑an‑hour winds in the situation, putting becomes really challenging.テつ So 2‑under par was a great round of golf.

Q.テつ You mentioned the putting.テつ I hesitate to say that watching your final round it actually could have been incredibly low with a few of those putts down the back.
MATT KUCHAR:テつ Yeah.テつ It's frustrating not to make those, but looking back the course is such a challenge, just two footers even you really gotta take your time because they can easily get away from you and kind of blown away from you.テつ I had a few more opportunities, I would have liked to had my chances a few more times like I did on 7 and 8 but it was really a good round of golf.

Q.テつ Playing with your Sea Island buddies, just your thoughts on going into the weekend.
MATT KUCHAR:テつ Really excited to see that pairing.テつ That was great to play with Davis and Harris.テつ It was a good fun pairing.テつ It looks like‑‑ I'm excited to sit at home this afternoon and watch scores hopefully come back further and further.テつ Anything around par is a great round of golf.テつ So I'm really excited just to sit down on my couch in my house, be at home and then watch everybody struggle in these winds.

Q.テつ Good work today, man.
MATT KUCHAR:テつ Thanks a lot.

Q.テつ Matt, we talked to you about the wind the other day.テつ Did you expect to see this today?
MATT KUCHAR:テつ No, no.テつ It's funny, there were a lot of locals that were hoping for some windy conditions to show Seaside's real teeth.テつ And they're out today.テつ It was really tough.テつ Last night I can remember trying to get as much golf in before darkness knowing that today's forecast was windy.テつ So we hit a tough tee shot on the 16th hole, was glad to kind of get 16 behind us knowing that 16 will be really hard today.テつ Shoot, all the holes are hard.テつ Driving is such a challenge, but I think the most challenging thing of all is putting when you got wind gusting as hard as it is doing right now.テつ And then you throw in some slope and some grain and it gets really testing.

Q.テつ And how much mentally, like how much time are you spending mentally like changing yardages and things like that, because my guess when it's like this and you're home you don't go out and play?
MATT KUCHAR:テつ No.テつ I'm excited to get back on the couch and watch some guys struggle in these conditions.テつ There will be no practicing, no hitting balls, no putting.テつ It is straight back to the couch and enjoy watching guys have to play in these conditions.

Q.テつ Did you play in that Monday pro am?テつ Did Davis talk to you at all compared to how it was on Monday when they played?テつ I'm just wondering how today compared with Monday.
MATT KUCHAR:テつ No.テつ I heard.テつ I was not here.テつ I was in Phoenix on Monday.テつ I heard it was nearly unplayable.テつ I don't know what guys say about these conditions.テつ They're close.テつ I saw they're having to water some greens, syringe some greens to keep it playable out there.

Q.テつ Do you feel like obviously you've had some success in windy conditions out at Match Play earlier this year.テつ Is that something that you drew upon at all today or do you just take it?
MATT KUCHAR:テつ I can't remember how windy.テつ I remember it was really cold.テつ Must have been pretty windy as well.テつ Yeah, I feel like you've gotta be really in control of your swing, of the ball flight of the golf ball.テつ I feel like I do a good job of fighting golf balls down.テつ I feel like I'm able to take spin off the ball pretty easily.テつ I am not a high ball hitter or high spin hitter, so I feel like windy conditions I manage around pretty well.テつ I feel like I'm pretty good at grinding out pars and you gotta do a lot of that on days like this.

Q.テつ When it's blowing like it was today are you relying more on feel on a course obviously you know very well?
MATT KUCHAR:テつ Yeah, you don't hit a standard shot.テつ There's no standard 6‑iron shots.テつ Everything is either held or worked into the wind or knocked down.テつ So it feels like everything's going back to feel.テつ You just don't hit kind of a stock 7‑iron like you do on the range.テつテつ

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