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November 8, 2013

Kevin Chappell


THE MODERATOR:テつ Kevin Chappell, thanks for joining us for a few minutes.テつ 2‑under 68 in round two of the McGladrey Classic.テつ Just kind of from the looks outside of the trees, I'm sure you're probably pretty happy with the 68 to be in the house, 7‑under through two rounds.テつ With that said just a few comments.
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Yeah.テつ It was a good day.テつ I obviously got off to a good start.テつ The wind wasn't bothering me too much, shooting 3‑under par on that front side.
But you hit some not‑so‑perfect shots and get some bad breaks with the wind gusting and you get exposed really quickly; and kind of happened to me in the middle of the round.テつ And I think I was fortunate to come to that realization that there's some luck involved today and that maybe for a period of time I was one of the luckier guys out here.テつ But that tough stretch in the middle of the round I wasn't so lucky, and law of averages, it averaged out and I finished strong.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Okay.テつ Well, with that we'll take a few questions.

Q.テつ How did you make double?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ On the third hole, the numbers were 189 yards to the hole, I believe.テつ Brian Harman hit first.テつ He's a lefty.テつ He hits a draw.テつ The wind is blowing hard in and off to the right.テつ So he draws back, steps into it, ball flies pretty straight.テつ I'm like, wow, that was pretty impressive.
I draw it right‑handed.テつ So there's a white tent right of the green, starts there.テつ Wind gusts like right at impact.テつ Ball gets riding up in the air and gets left of the green, and everyone's like, oh, it landed over the hazard.テつ Like, okay, so there's a ball up there, never found the ball.テつ They said it went in the hazard.テつ We couldn't find it in the hazard.テつ Take a drop for a ball in the hazard, hit it to 20 feet from about 60 yards, kind of had the same wind from 60 yards and two‑putted for double.
But I mean it wasn't‑‑

Q.テつ (No microphone).
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ It's 30 yards short and left.

Q.テつ (No microphone).
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Yeah.テつ It's short and left of that bunker, and I really didn't feel like I hit that bad of a shot.

Q.テつ (No microphone).
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Well, our group came to the conclusion that the ball‑‑ if it wasn't in the grass, there was no grass long enough for my ball to disappear in, so it had to be in the hazard.

Q.テつ Where did you get lucky?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ You know, I think any time you judge the wind correctly and you hit some iron shots close, I think there's some luck involved.テつ I mean I hit two perfect shots on that par‑5, 15, and you know, I made a 25‑footer down the hill, and you know, it was kind of sitting on the right edge and the wind blows and the ball falls in the hole.テつ That's lucky.テつ The ball wasn't going to go in the hole.
You know, I mean I don't know how some of these greens you can hold.テつ Like I hit it in the rough on 16, have it downwind, left‑to‑right and was able to keep it on that green.テつ The green's 20 paces wide.テつ So that was pretty fortunate to get up there and be able to hit a putt as opposed to have to be chipping straight downwind.

Q.テつ Anything more different after two days?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ No.テつ I really can't.

Q.テつ (No microphone)?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Yeah, it was.テつ It was pretty easy, and I shot 5‑under. テつFeel like I left some out there.
But you know, I think in the back of our minds we all knew this was coming.テつ This was what they've been predicting, so at least they were consistent and correct.

Q.テつ Are the greens playing any different?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ I'd say according to the Stimpmeter they're slower, but you can hole some putts that are virtually impossible.テつ Watched Stephen Ames hit a bump‑and‑run that he was four feet off the green, hit a bump‑and‑run and he had 20 yards coming back to the hole.テつ He gets down grain, goes past the hole and goes up one of these swales.テつ It really wasn't that bad a shot.
So in spots they're really different, but if you can really have control of your ball and hit certain shots to where you're putting into the wind or chipping into the wind, it's not that bad, the green speeds.

Q.テつ (No microphone).
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ I think he was one over par through five holes.テつ You know, it was good.テつ It always could be better, but you know, the goal on a day like today when you're in the lead is to not play out of it.テつ It was going to be hard to run away with it just because of the luck that's involved.テつ But feel like with 2‑under par you don't want to play out of it, depending on what this weather does, and give myself a chance for the weekend.

Q.テつ Did you have a three‑putt?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ I did three‑putt at 1, yeah.

Q.テつ (No microphone).
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Yeah.テつ I hit‑‑ I chipped in for 145 yards to the hole and hit it 30 feet right of the hole right in the spot where I needed to hit it, but now I'm putting cross‑wind, and I hit a putt that, I mean it felt great when I hit it.テつ It was one of those like, okay, this is a tap‑in.テつ All of a sudden I have five feet and it gets blown over.テつ I made a 6‑footer for par.テつ At least that's what it felt like.テつ Or for bogey I mean.テつ I hit it five feet by and hit it six feet long and right of the hole.

Q.テつ Did you notice that all I've asked you so far is about your double and three‑putt?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ That's all right.テつ We'll take it.テつ I will happily go and enjoy the rest of my afternoon.

Q.テつ Is your bride here?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ My bride is here.テつ She was going to come, but she forgot her cue cards for me for the answers.テつ (Laughs).
THE MODERATOR:テつ All right.テつ With that we'll let you go and enjoy the afternoon.テつ Kevin, great playing.
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Thanks, guys.テつテつテつ

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