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November 7, 2013

Kevin Kisner


Q.テつ Couple of bogeys to start and then you turned the switch.テつ What happened out there?テつ You played great.
KEVIN KISNER:テつ Yeah, I played good.テつ Little rusty to start.テつ Couple of weeks off, sitting on the couch watching football.
I just started hitting some good shots and couldn't have played any easier, I don't think.テつ It's playing long, but there is no wind out here.テつ I've never seen that in all the times I've played here.テつ Able to hit some shots close and make some putts.

Q.テつ You're a Georgia guy, and there's a lot of Bulldog fans out here?テつ Do you feel the support?テつ Is this almost like a home game?
KEVIN KISNER:テつ Oh, yeah.テつ We played our SEC championship here every year.テつ I feel very comfortable with the area.テつ I have a lot of friends and family here, and just hoping I can keep performing for them.

Q.テつ You have been up and down on the PGA Tour.テつ What's the big lesson learned as you come back out there and give it another go?
KEVIN KISNER:テつ I think just experience.テつ Every time you get out here, you get to see more of the courses, understand what's going on and feel more comfortable.テつ Hopefully that will help this year.

Q.テつ First of all, I'm writing a little story about how many Georgia players there are out here today.テつ We counted eight.テつ What do you think about that?
KEVIN KISNER:テつ I think we have eight in this tournament.テつ I think we have nine that have full access to the tournament.テつ I think it just shows you what the program does at the University of Georgia and how good Coach Haack and Coach Douglas are to recruit the players and help prepare them and show them what they need to do to be out here.

Q.テつ You said you guys played this course for the SEC championship when you were there?
KEVIN KISNER:テつ Yeah, we did every year.テつ And then I moved down here straight out of college and lived here for a year.テつ So I played out here every day and practiced out here.

Q.テつ How does the familiarity get you comfortable for today's round?
KEVIN KISNER:テつ I know where to hit it.テつ I don't have to rely on my caddie as much as I do at other places.テつ I understand where to miss it and what pins to be aggressive with.テつ That's definitely helpful.テつ Always on the greens, I've seen a lots of these putts before.

Q.テつ Talk about some key moments in today's round for you.
KEVIN KISNER:テつ I started off bad, I was kind of rusty.テつ Hit a good shot on the fourth hole in there to about 15 feet, and I missed the putt but it kind of got me going.
Hit a good tee shot on the next hole and made birdie.テつ Then hit a wedge close to there coming into nine, turned and kept it going.

Q.テつ You were talking about the wind or the lack of wind.テつ So how did that help you?テつ Did that help you get going a little bit today?
KEVIN KISNER:テつ Yeah, I wasn't feeling that comfortable over the driver, and this isn't a fun place to be feeling that way.テつ So with no wind, you can miss it more generously.テつ So I'll go iron that out this afternoon and be ready for the wind tomorrow.

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