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October 28, 2013

Adrian Mannarino


S. GIRALDO/A. Mannarino
6‑3, 2‑6, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French, please.

Q.テつ How can you sum up this match?
ADRIAN MANNARINO:テつ Well, it looks just like that.テつ Lately, unfortunately, it's been that way.テつ It's not a good thing.
I didn't start my match well because I was thinking of that.テつ I had lost many matches before, and I had trouble finding my way through.テつ I was always trying to figure out what I had to do.
But little by little as the match went on, I was able to figure out how I had to play.テつ I felt more relaxed in the second set.テつ My choices were simple, so I was able to come up.
Then in the third set, it could have gone either way.テつ Very tight.テつ At 4‑3 he saved games miraculously, and it's a pity, because I ended up losing.

Q.テつ Talking about the indoor conditions, it was difficult for you in Russia, too.テつ Do you have more trouble on this type of surface?
ADRIAN MANNARINO:テつ It has nothing to do with that.テつ In Kuala Lumpur I beat Almagro and Brands, for example.テつ They're good players indoors.
But indoors sometimes it's just a matter of a couple of points.テつ You need to serve well.テつ So it's small details make a difference.
But now that I've been losing several matches like this, I am sort of in a negative state of mind.テつ If I was able to win one or two of those matches, I would be able to be in a more positive cycle and have better results.
Unfortunately, it all depends on a few details.

Q.テつ What is your program now?
ADRIAN MANNARINO:テつ I'm going to stop now.テつ Time has come.テつ I was far down in the rankings.テつ I was able to go up playing challengers.
If you want to win points, you have to win three or four matches per tournament unfortunately.テつ And now I really need to rest if I want to start off next year pretty well and if I want to push the machine further.
So it's important for me now to have some holidays.

Q.テつ Talk about the season.テつ There was Wimbledon.テつ What are your goals for the next season?
ADRIAN MANNARINO:テつ It's a positive year for me.テつ The goals I had set for myself in the beginning of the season were reached.テつ I have the feeling I could have done a lot better, though.
So it's sad, but encouraging at the same time.テつ If I had taken the opportunities I had this year, I could have more points for next year.
But this year I had good results in Grand Slams for the first time.テつ Many things happened for the first time that were very important for me.テつ I played great players on big courts, and it's always difficult to do well the first time.テつ You need to have some experience.
So I was able to learn many things this year, and I hope next year I'll be able to use everything I learned.

Q.テつ When you said your goals were reached, what kind of goals did you have?
ADRIAN MANNARINO:テつ I wanted to be top 100 at the end of the year.テつ It was extremely important for me because I didn't want to have to play challengers again for another year.
I was fed up with that.テつ So this is a good thing.
Also, I wanted to reach a third round in a Grand Slam which I had not done before; I did that, too.テつ Maybe it's a bit pretentious to say that, but I would like to win a tournament‑ although I never went to the final yet.テつ But I feel it's possible.
That will be one of my goals for 2014.

Q.テつ You're talking about holidays, aren't you playing doubles with Gaテδォl?
ADRIAN MANNARINO:テつ No, after this tournament it's going to be holidays, not now.

Q.テつ Did you play with him already in doubles?
ADRIAN MANNARINO:テつ No, we never played together.テつ I was the one who suggested he play with me and he accepted.テつ I'm sure we're going to have a good time on the court.テつ We'll have fun.
Anyway, we're going to play these doubles extremely seriously, and we are hoping to have a good result.テつ If I can win matches with him, it would be very good for me.
We're lucky because we're going to play a French team, so it's going to be nice.テつ Of course, we need to win, but we're going to have fun, too.

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