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October 30, 2013

Nicolas Mahut


G. SIMON/N. Mahut
6‑4, 6‑7, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French, please.

Q.テつ It was close.テつ Mentally you were quite strong.テつ You came back often, especially in the tiebreaker. テつHow did you experience that match?
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ Well, it's quite complicated.テつ With Gilles it's always complicated.テつ It's true that I started off well, but I lost that first set, although I had many opportunities, I had break points, I was often at 15‑30.テつ I would like to know how many times I was either deuce or break point or 40‑15.
There were games that I was very close to win, and against him what is tough is that he makes you think all the time.テつ I need to change the way I am attacking.テつ I need to use my shots, my chips, my running.テつ I need to change the running.
In the beginning I believe I played too fast and with too much rhythm, and that is what is difficult against him, because he makes you wonder and think about your game.
So sometimes you feel you can attack, but I rushed too much.テつ Sometimes you wait too much or you stay too much behind the baseline, so you really need to find the right balance.テつ Against him, it's difficult.

Q.テつ But anyway, this year ends but you, I'm sure, are happy for that?
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ Yes, of course it's a pity that I lost that match.テつ I would have liked to win it in Metz.テつ We had played in more difficult conditions, but the balls here were much more difficult to control.
But I understand what you're saying.テつ I'm pleased with my season.テつ After the French Open things were great for me.テつ Exceptional things happened, like me being top 50.テつ There's a great difference between being top 50 or top 51.
So I'm just at the threshold of being top 50.テつ This was totally unthinkable six months ago.テつ So I'm very proud I was able to come back.テつ There are many parts of my game I can still improve, so I'm sure I can go further.

Q.テつ How far do you want to go next year?テつ What can you work on?
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ I have a lot to work on in my game.テつ I believe I should have a better sliced backhand.テつ This is a good weapon, especially against a player like Giles, because I need to use that shot a lot against him.テつ I need to be more precise with it, so I have to work on that.
And physically, also, I need to be better and stronger.テつ So I'm really going to work physically during the break.テつ The difference is that last year when I worked on my fitness, I worked to reinforce my knee; whereas now it's going to be a different goal.テつ It's going to be fitter.
If I can improve by 10% my fitness or my strength, I will be able to serve harder or to stay longer in a match, so I don't want to enter into all the details, but I believe I can improve a lot.

Q.テつ I think most French spectators remember your tears in the French Open, but what is your best memory of this season after all the good things you did after that?
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ I didn't think things would go so quickly.テつ My best memory, well, there were many of them.テつ Of course those two titles where I came from the quallies, and the fact of winning in Newport being alone, that counted a lot.
The final against Hewitt was very intense.テつ But on the court I was alone, so I didn't show my emotions maybe, but it was extremely important.テつ What happened in the French Open also was very important.テつ So it's a good memory.

Q.テつ Sorry if I make you repeat something, but in the third set you seemed to be hurting somewhere.
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ I believe it was just cramps.テつ It was cramps I think that prevented me from serving, but when the physio came, he relieved me and the massage was good for me.テつ I think I had cramps in the beginning of the third.

Q.テつ If you had to choose one goal for 2014, what would it be?
NICOLAS MAHUT:テつ I don't like to have goals in terms of ranking, but my goals are as far as my work is concerned.テつ This is what the top players do.テつ You can see them develop year after year, and I think I should be inspired by them.
So I need to work a lot so I can improve my game.テつ Of course physically I can be better.テつ I can cover the court a lot better.テつ I can attack better.テつ I can improve my returns.
The best players don't miss their returns.テつ I do make too many mistakes there.テつ So talking about goals, I prefer to talk about my game.テつ If I'm able to improve, then the victories will come and the ranking will come.
I have other goals than ranking, but then it doesn't only depend on me.

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