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November 2, 2013

Justin Rose


Q.  I take it that's a very nice finish to a good day?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, it was.  Birdied four of the last five, and it was the kind of day where I shot 7‑under par but I felt like I left a bunch out there, which is interesting.  I had a lot of putts, ten foot and in, they were all on the left edge or just outside left and I missed them all to the right.
So the good news about that is I'm doing something consistently, which means I can fix it.  But also, I made my share; I had two bombs out there which I made up and over ridges, for eagle on No. 8, and then up and over the ridge on No. 15.  So obviously those are bonus points that you don't normally make.  They are one‑in‑a‑hundred‑type putts.  So it all evens out.  I thought 65 would do me a little more help than it actually is proving to out there.
Soft greens, not much wind out there; obviously the guys are finding the course pretty easy.  Dustin and Poults are pretty much putting on a clinic out there, so it's going to take something special from me tomorrow.

Q.  You are in a prominent position, but you've summed it up nicely?
JUSTIN ROSE:  If those guys stall a little bit‑‑ it's tough to putt four low rounds together, so you always hope maybe they will run out of gas.  But at the same time, I guess valuable points for me no matter what happens.  I've got to keep an eye on not just this week but Race to Dubai, too, so every shot matters at this point.

Q.  And that fix that you mentioned, that's something that can be sorted in an afternoon, or a little bit of an evening on a putting green?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, just an alignment thing.  I was almost second‑guessing myself.  I thought I was aiming too far left earlier in the week so I was trying to edge a little more right and missing putts to the right now.  It's just an alignment thing, I believe, so other than that, I'm stroking the ball well.  Hopefully they will all drop tomorrow.

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