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November 2, 2013

Shalane Flanagan

Molly Huddle

Emily Infield


Q.テつ Can you start by recreating the race, how it unfolded.
EMILY INFELD:テつ Shalane and Molly really took it out pretty quick, and I just kind of went right behind them.
And then I feel like there was a good number of us all together.テつ I couldn't exactly tell who, but I saw a bunch of shadows.
And then I feel like slowly we just pulled away like alternating back and forth kind of in a lane.
Then Molly made a pretty good surge toward the end, to where we could kind of see the flags, and I tried to go with her, but I really crumbled at the end.テつ She had a really good kick.

Q.テつ Surged the last, what, 20 meters?
MOLLY HUDDLE:テつ I didn't want to kick until I could see the finish because it was a pretty painful pace for me.テつ And I just wanted to have that in my sight before I used what I had left.
SHALANE FLANAGAN:テつ This is the first time you're racing in New York City since the Marathon two years ago, right?
SHALANE FLANAGAN:テつ Yeah.テつ I think it's almost three years ago now.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts on your performance?
SHALANE FLANAGAN:テつ It feels really good to be back.テつ It's a bit nostalgic just running through Central Park and kind of having some flashbacks of some really great moments here.
I had the intention of running the 5K here last year, and I'm happy to be back.テつ I wanted to be back a little sooner, but just a little bit of a hiatus.
No, it's a great way to celebrate the weekend.テつ It hurt really bad today.テつ My lungs are burning right now.

Q.テつ You kind of seemed to be‑‑ you guys switched off leading, but you lead a lot of it.テつ Tell me about that.テつ Did you plan to do that much leading?
SHALANE FLANAGAN:テつ I just knew I wanted a good, hard effort, whatever I could do today.テつ I think that first mile was faster than I've run in three months.テつ I knew I was in for some trouble.テつ I knew it was downhill and it was a faster mile as opposed to the last two.
I just was pacing myself off of Molly.テつ Molly kind of got off the line really fast compared to what I'm used to.テつ I was just trying to keep up with her and just keep it a good, honest, hard effort for me.

Q.テつ Molly, first off, what are your thoughts on winning?
MOLLY HUDDLE:テつ It feels great to win.テつ The field was phenomenal.テつ There were Olympic medalists, World medalists here, and Emily is great a runner as well.
To win today is a great confidence booster.テつ It's a strange time of year for all of us training‑wise, so it's always an interesting result for a race that's in November.

Q.テつ Are you training for the U.S. Championships?
MOLLY HUDDLE:テつ Yes, I'll take a break after that race in two weeks.

Q.テつ What's your idea of your fitness going into that?
MOLLY HUDDLE:テつ I'm not sure.テつ I've been doing more strength work just because the training partners I have are doing the marathon on Sunday.テつ I hope that helps me with the 12K.テつ That will be the longest race I've done in over a year for sure.

Q.テつ Emily, two good races in a row, Tufts and now here.
EMILY INFELD:テつ Yeah, I'm really excited.テつ I think this past year I struggled a bit early on, but I definitely have done more strength‑‑ so much more strength than I've ever done in my life.テつ I picked my miles up this year.テつ So it took me a bit of getting used to.
I feel like I have the best coach, Jerry Schumacher, a great group, Shalane, and some amazing talented guys.テつ So it's coming together.

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