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November 1, 2013

Bob Tahri


Q.テつ So for your training, you went down to 1,500 meters?

Q.テつ Why did you do that and why was it so successful?テつ You did your personal best after that.
BOB TAHRI:テつ Because when I start my training in last year, in September, I want to build up to run the 10K for the summer.テつ But I build up very huge mileage on February, March, and April, and at the end, when I start to compete on 10K in Eugene, I fail in the race.
Since after that, I made the decision to run the 5K in the World Championships, but to run the 5K fast, I need to run 1,500 fast too.テつ But when I run the 1,500, I ran 3:33.テつ Two days after‑‑ I run the 5K, and two days after that, I run 1,500, and 3:33 was my PB.テつ So I say, okay, maybe if I prefer 1,500, I can run fast too.テつ Two weeks after, 3:52, and after I decide to make the 1,500 World Championships because I was thinking in World Championships, they have three rounds.テつ For me, with my preparation, it will be good because, if I go into the semifinal with my speed, I can do something.
But in the World Championships, you need to be lucky.テつ Sometimes for the semis, if you are in the first semis or second semis, it can mean the race.テつ For me, I can't compete with the 800 runners when they are slow to race.テつ That's it.テつ When I run 3:32, I say, okay, now I can run‑‑ I can build up something good to run 3K.テつ I run 3K.テつ I run 7:35 or 7:36 in August, and now I have something to build up for the marathon.テつ I have two months to build up.
But in February, March, and April, I run a lot of mileage to prepare for the marathon.

Q.テつ How come you don't run the steeple chase anymore?
BOB TAHRI:テつ You never know.

Q.テつ In the summer, what was your plan to run the World Championships?
BOB TAHRI:テつ At the beginning, in the summer, I was thinking to run 10K.テつ But in Eugene, I failed.

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