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November 1, 2013

Jelena Prokopcuka


JELENA PROKOPCUKA:テつ I like New York, and I prefer this race.テつ I like this course.テつ I was two times champion.テつ So this place is something special for me.

Q.テつ Why‑‑ why take that time out?テつ Why didn't you run it for so long then?テつ Why is this your first time running since 2007?テつ Why didn't you run it for those six years?
JELENA PROKOPCUKA:テつ After Boston 2008, I decided to have a baby, and I have‑‑ I was pregnant, but unfortunately, I lost that baby, and I tried second, and afterward it's okay.テつ Now I have a son, but it took me a long time.
So I have to lost four years of my career.テつ So after, when I have a boy, I started my training and slowly coming back to marathon.テつ Before this New York, I ran the marathon in London and Yokoham and Nagoya.

Q.テつ Why do you run so well here?テつ What do you like about running in New York?テつ Why do you run so well?テつ You won it twice.
JELENA PROKOPCUKA:テつ It's the best city, and this course is very good for me.テつ I like difficult course, yes, and‑‑ maybe I don't understand your question.

Q.テつ No, that's it.テつ So it's difficult.テつ Why do you like difficult courses?テつ You can outlast them?
JELENA PROKOPCUKA:テつ It's preferred for me.テつ I like this course, and if compare with other courses, it's the best also for me.

Q.テつ How old is your son?
JELENA PROKOPCUKA:テつ 2 years and 6 months.

Q.テつ And when you resumed training, some women feel stronger after they give birth.テつ Was that the case with you?
JELENA PROKOPCUKA:テつ Yes, I feel something changing in my body, yes, but I'm crazy mom.テつ So it's very difficult to train so seriously because baby took me a lot of time to look after him, and sometimes I can't afford a lot of relaxing because I'm very busy because training, and after that, I'm looking after my baby.
I want to be with him, and of course it's difficult to pay all my time to my training.テつ So I think my body after my son is stronger, and my stamina is‑‑ I have more stamina.テつ So I expect a good result.

Q.テつ Is there anything that feels different in your training because of being 37 versus 27?テつ Because of your age.
JELENA PROKOPCUKA:テつ Of course.テつ Of course it's different.テつ But I'm‑‑ I have a lot of experience, and as we can see in Moscow, Straneo, she's not young, but everything is possible.テつ So I didn't think my age is my aim?テつ No, I didn't think age was bad.テつ It's okay.テつ I feel like I can run, and it's very important.テつ I can run.
It doesn't mean that because I'm old‑‑ she was 40, and she was was like second.テつ So it doesn't mean anything.

Q.テつ So getting back to the course, so it's a difficult course, but what's your plan going into it this time?
JELENA PROKOPCUKA:テつ It's very difficult to answer on this question because I don't know about my competitors.テつ So we'll see on Sunday.

Q.テつ Tell us how does it feel to be here?テつ After last year's cancellation because of the storm.
JELENA PROKOPCUKA:テつ Of course, I was very disappointed because I prepared very dedicated, and it was bad news.テつ Now I got this news in the airport.
But I was happy because I was prepared, and it was very difficult to lose what I did.テつ So after New York, I ran in Havana two weeks later after New York, and I was satisfied because I ran‑‑ what is the word?テつ I did a lot of workouts, yes, and I was happy.

Q.テつ And do you feel concern about security after what happened in Boston?
JELENA PROKOPCUKA:テつ Yes, it was awful what happened in Boston, but I feel good here in New York, and I feel safe.テつ I didn't think about this.

Q.テつ Since your last win in New York in 2006, you kind of disappeared from the racing scene.テつ Where did you go.

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