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November 3, 2012

Jerzy Janowicz


6‑4, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Once again it was an incredible performance from your part today.テつ Were you feeling still like in the dream, or maybe the second set you started to understand what was at stake maybe?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I think my answer will be actually the same like yesterday, the same like two days ago.テつ I'm in the final, so this is unbelievable feeling.テつ I could never expect something like this one week before.
When I had match point today I felt a little bit strange.テつ I had chicken skin.テつ I was a little bit nervous during this match point, but this was really unbelievable feeling.テつ I just said to myself before this match point to not change anything, just to play the same game as I played before.
I did this.テつ I finished the match with a dropshot.テつ (Laughter.)

Q.テつ Well played.テつ Obviously you didn't expect to get to the final, but did you think that you could play tennis at this level?テつ Did you know somewhere inside you there was this level of tennis that you could play?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I was always confident guy, but I was dreaming about top 100.テつ I broke top 100 this year.
But I could never expect something like this.テつ Like as a qualifier I came here to play qualifications, and suddenly I'm in the final.テつ Honestly saying, I'm 69th ranked guy in the world and suddenly I am in the final.
For me this is still like I cannot believe this actually.テつ How is this possible?テつ I came here just to play qualifications, and suddenly after few days I'm not final.テつ I don't know how did I this, but tomorrow is final waiting for me.テつ Wow.テつ (Smiling.)
Q.You mentioned before you had trouble getting sponsors.テつ In the last couple days have there been more phone calls or more people coming forward to offer sponsorship?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ The street next to my house actually is completely blocked.テつ There is like about nine or ten cars, TVs, and it's completely blocked.テつ There is no way to get to my house right now.
So I think after this final I have a chance to find some really good sponsors and I will not have to worry about the money.
For sure I get some money just from the tournament of course here, but when you are making final in this kind of tournament, you should have some sponsors anyway.

Q.テつ For some people here, we have the impression your game is looking like Marat Safin when he won in 2004.テつ Were you watching him play?テつ Do you think it's accurate comparison?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I don't think so I'm able to compare myself to that kind of player because he was superstar for me.テつ This is only one tournament, so I have to still wait to be able to compare myself to him.
Always I like Marat Safin.テつ He was all the time tough guy on the court.テつ He was also fighting for every single ball; sometimes with himself.
But we have to still wait a little bit.テつ This is just basically only one week, and I have still to work a lot to became that kind of player like Marat.

Q.テつ It is the first time in your life that you reach such a stage on this kind of tournament, but there is something very impressive with you:テつ It's that you stay very calm, very quiet during the game.テつ Is it a surprise for you?テつ How do you manage to stay so quiet?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Honestly saying, always I was mentally tough.テつ I never had that problem with the stress.テつ But honestly saying, I could never expect I will be actually that strong, because this was my first semifinal match in that kind of tournament.
So actually I didn't know what I should expect actually from my side.テつ I didn't know if I'm strong enough to handle that kind of pressure.テつ Today I played against a French guy, and French crowd was helping him a lot.テつ They were clapping after my double faults, after missing the first serve.
Somehow ‑ I don't know how ‑ I was able to handle it.テつ I hope tomorrow I will do the same.

Q.テつ Could you tell us a little about your coach, the length of the relationship?テつ Have you had others in the past?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ We're not couple.テつ (Smiling.)テつ I'm practicing with him already almost four years.テつ He's my good friend actually.テつ He knows about me a lot, but not much.テつ (Smiling.)
We had a few fights.テつ It's actually normal, fights between coach and player.テつ It's actually normal when players is losing some stupid match.テつ I'm angry, coach is angry, so we are fighting sometimes a little bit.
But after this one week, I think our relationship will be even stronger and it's going to be much nicer to work together even more.

Q.テつ You said you had been on every television channel in Poland.テつ Has the president called you yet?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I don't know if I can answer for this question, but probably, yes.テつ (Smiling.)

Q.テつ Presumably it was a nice conversation.
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ No, I didn't have a conversation with him yet.テつ I would like to also‑‑ I would love to talk with him.
But there is a chance I think I will be able to speak with him.

Q.テつ When you're on your knees on the ground after the match or when you're on the mic and you can barely talk, can you maybe tell what's going through your mind?テつ Are you thinking about your family?テつ Why are you so moved?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Actually, I didn't think about anything.テつ I didn't know what I supposed to think, and I had thousand different kind of feelings.テつ This was just natural reaction from my side.
I need still some time to relax a little bit, to think about this match, to accept this situation.テつ Right now I'm in the final.テつ After this match point, I just fell down and I was crying almost like a baby.テつ Big baby.テつ Two meters, over.テつ (Laughter.)
But as I said, I didn't think about anything.テつ This was just natural reaction.

Q.テつ I guess it's the first time in your career you've won so many matches in a row.テつ Is your body starting to ache?テつ How did you feel after the match while recovering and having massages?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ You ask about my body and recovery, yeah?

Q.テつ Yes.
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Of course I'm a little bit tired, not only physically but mentally.テつ It's not easy to handle that kind of pressure for so many days.
But I have in my mind this feeling like tomorrow this is the last match no matter what.テつ If I'm going to lose or win, this is the last match.
So I just to have find in my inside heart still some power.テつ I just have to fight tomorrow for every single ball.テつ I hope I will win this match deep down.

Q.テつ At the start of the year you couldn't afford to go to the Australian Open.テつ Do you remember what you were feeling then about your career?
JERZY JANOWICZ: テつI was of course a little bit angry, because I had ranking to go to play qualifications of Australian Open, Grand Slam, one of the most important tournaments in tennis.
So I was a little bit angry.テつ But this gave me some kind of extra motivation, of course, because I just said to myself, Next year I will try to avoid that kind of situation.テつ I just want to be top 100.テつ I would like to have money to play that kind of tournaments.
This maybe even helped me a little bit.

Q.テつ Two days ago you explained that your parents made sacrifices to help you.テつ Do you think they will be able to come tomorrow to share this moment with you?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ No, I don't think so they will come tomorrow.テつ I already spoke with them, and I told them it's better not to change the winning style.
Before the match I'm taking painkillers, so tomorrow I will do the same.テつ I'm using old bag which is completely broken and dirty, so for sure I will use this bag tomorrow.テつ And for sure my parents will watch my match from TV.

Q.テつ You're almost the same age as Milos Raonic, and he's doing very well.テつ Do you think you can do as well as him or even better?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I don't like to compare myself to other players.テつ Milos Raonic is actually my age.テつ He's doing pretty good.テつ He was playing unbelievable already last year.
I hope I will be that kind of player like he is right now, 14 in the world, 15.テつ So I hope one day I will also be that high.

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