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November 1, 2012

Jerzy Janowicz


5‑7, 7‑6, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in English, please.

Q.テつ I think we could tell from your reaction at the end that that was a very emotional victory for you.テつ Was that your biggest day of your tennis career, do you think?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ For sure this was the most unbelievable day in my life.テつ I beat Olympic champion, US Open champion.テつ I beat Andy Murray.テつ Unbelievable feeling for me.テつ Still, I have feeling like in few minutes I'm going to wake up and it's gonna be everything gone.
I don't know actually what I supposed to say because it's really hard to describe this feeling.テつ It's not easy for me to believe what happened actually.
But in one hand I have to believe this because tomorrow I have another match, so I have to be ready for tomorrow.テつ And no matter what happened today, I have to do my job tomorrow.

Q.テつ What are your memories of the match in Liverpool in the Davis Cup against him?テつ What are your memories from that occasion?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I remember I was really young.テつ I was so happy I'm going to be able to play against Andy Murray.
I remember I didn't believe I can win this match.テつ I was just thinking to play my best tennis and not to lose 6‑Love, 6‑Love, 6‑Love.
I knew Andy Murray is really dangerous player because he has unbelievable return.テつ I remember from 2009 he was returning almost my every single serve.
So this gave me today a little bit more pleasure because I played against him and I knew what actually I can expect.テつ I knew I have to play every single serve full 100% power and concentrate.
Basically, that's it.テつ I remember also we beat Great Britain 3‑2.テつ This was for Poland actually unbelievable win.テつ First time in our history we beat the Great Britain, even when Andy Murray was helping them.
So I lost this match against Andy, but still, we won.

Q.テつ What were you thinking when he was serving for the match at 5‑4?テつ You were still playing very aggressively.テつ What was going through your mind at that point?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Actually, I was thinking about the same, to stick to my game, to play aggressive all the time, not to change anything, because this is my game style.
So I was trying all the time to play aggressive.テつ After first set I relaxed a little bit, because I felt like now is really not easy to win this match.テつ So I basically decide to fight for every single ball, and maybe if Andy will get down on himself I will have a chance to win maybe one set.
So I was trying all the time my best.テつ As I said, I was a little bit more relaxed so my serve was working a little bit better.テつ I got broken a little bit unlucky very because I had a game point.テつ I did actually stupid mistake.テつ I served second serve to his forehand, as I remember right.
So as I said, no, I was fighting for every single ball.テつ This was my most important thing, to fight, to not give up, and play aggressive and don't change the game style.

Q.テつ This will be big news in Poland.テつ Tomorrow your life might not be the same.テつ Are you ready for the increased expectation and hype that this will generate?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I don't know actually what I supposed to expect.テつ I just would like to finish this tournament.テつ I just would like to have few days off to think about what happened this week, because this week is really not easy to take for me because I'm from Poland and I know it's not easy to become professional tennis player.
Actually, I have problem with sponsors.テつ I was fighting my whole life with money, so this week is really important for me to get some sponsors, to get some help.
Still, actually it's not easy for me to talk about this week, because I had really tough moments in my life, and this is like really, like movie for me.

Q.テつ You were playing futures at the start of the year, I think.テつ How have you been able to raise your level from that level to the level of this week?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ In the beginning of this year I had many changes in my life.テつ I change the racquet.テつ Actually, this racquet which I'm using right now is helping me a lot.テつ Even if I have some weak days, this racquet is actually helping me.テつ So this is one change.
Second one is I get a new fitness coach from this year, and he's helping me a lot.テつ I'm doing a lot of fitness.テつ When I'm at home I'm actually doing more fitness than tennis.テつ So there is this other change.
Different thinking about my game.テつ My behavior on the court is also a little bit different.テつ I decide to not give up, whatever is the situation.テつ I'm fighting right now for every single ball.テつ Doesn't matter if I feel good or not, if I have good day or week.テつ I'm just trying to play my tennis.テつ I'm just trying to play aggressive; I'm trying to fight.

Q.テつ You are not known by the public and the media.テつ Could you give us some information about your career?テつ I was in Roma and I saw you won a challenger.
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ In Rome, yeah.

Q.テつ You play very well, but what did you...
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I'm 21 years old, and I start to play tennis when I was 5.テつ My parents, they were professional volleyball players.テつ My mother was Polish champion, Turkish champion, so she was really good volleyball player.
I didn't start play volleyball because they finish the career when I was not born yet.テつ My father start to play tennis as amateur, and I was watching him, how he's doing this, and this was basically my beginning.
After a while I was watching tennis in TV.テつ I have even photos.テつ When I was like two years old I was running already with a tennis racquet on the court.テつ I couldn't basically hit one ball, but I was holding this racquet all the time.
Basically, that's it.

Q.テつ What were the moments you were talking about, the very difficult moments you were talking just before about?
Well, I had a problems in my life.テつ I don't want to talk about this actually.テつ First of all, I have had always problem with sponsors.テつ I didn't have money for my career; all the time parents was helping me.テつ They were selling the shops, they were selling the few apartments, so they decide to go all in to help me as much as possible.
This is the problems actually I can tell you.テつ (Laughter.)
Q.What are the keys of such exceptional tournament?テつ Because Cilic, Kohlschreiber, Murray...
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ As I said, I don't know what happened this week.テつ I don't know, actually.テつ I don't know.テつ (Laughter.)
I was playing ‑‑I don't know.テつ I don't know what I supposed to say actually, because I just get to the court and decide to serve few aces during one game.
I decide to, I don't know, play winners, dropshots.テつ I don't know what is the key.テつ Maybe I'm going to be able to tell you in one week.

Q.テつ People notice you for your serve.テつ There are very few players who can serve as hard as you do, people like Isner or Raonic.テつ Have you always served that hard since you have become a professional player?テつ What's the fastest serve you have ever hit in your career?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Yeah, I was always serving really fast.テつ I was in a challenger this year, biggest challenger, 125,000, and I served once 251 kilometers per hour.テつ I was using a little bit different ball, because this ball is not that heavy, is not that fast.テつ I was using Tretorn.テつ I like this ball because of this.
So it's not easy in Paris to serve that fast because this ball is a little bit softer, a little bit lighter, so 230 is still okay.

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