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October 31, 2012

Paul-Henri Mathieu


A. MURRAY/P. Mathieu
7‑5, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in French, please.

Q.  After Basel and Federer, Murray gave you a chance to shine, so to speak.
PAUL‑HENRI MATHIEU:  Well, he has a totally different game.  It's the first time I have been playing two top guys in the same way.
So the match was all right, but I didn't serve well enough to worry him.  I need to improve my game to be able to give problems to that kind of player.
But anyway, I'm going to take a lot of positive from that match.

Q.  What was most difficult?
PAUL‑HENRI MATHIEU:  I believe physically I don't have enough fitness.  That made a difference.  The way I move, the way I defend is not good enough against that kind of player.
Compared with them I have to ‑‑I'm not good enough, and I have to improve.  Now I know where I am compared with those good players.

Q.  Were you impressed by him?
PAUL‑HENRI MATHIEU:  No, but you can feel immediately if your opponent is confident or not.  As soon as we were warming up, I realized he was trying to hit hard to impress me.  But I was not impressed.  I'm not a beginner.  But anyway, it's typical.
When you're confident, you hit hard.  I could feel he was confident.  And also, I know he's very good in defense.  It's difficult to make a winner against him.  We always need to overdo it because he always starts running in the right direction.  He anticipates very well, also.

Q.  I think it was the fourth or fifth time you were playing together.  What changed in him?
PAUL‑HENRI MATHIEU:  He's more confident, of course.  But he plays faster and he serves a lot better.  I believe the serve made the difference today, especially in the end of the first set and on important points.  Every time he was able to play a good first serve, and with his forehand he's able to play faster than before.
He always was a very complete player, but I believe that to beat the best players he had to improve his game at the net.  Now he's moving forward a lot.

Q.  You deserve your holidays now.
PAUL‑HENRI MATHIEU:  Yes, I do.  This was the most tiring year of my career.  It was very tough.  There were many new things that happened to me, and I really do deserve those holidays.
I must say that today I was a bit tired.  I played many matches in a row lately, went to the semifinal, so I was tired.

Q.  How did you feel the Novak Djokovic effect?
PAUL‑HENRI MATHIEU:  I don't know.  I was in my hotel room.

Q.  Were you surprised by this result?  Is it always just something that happens often in tennis?
PAUL‑HENRI MATHIEU:  No.  He lost.  I'm only half‑surprised.
He's sure he's going to finish the year top No. 1 and he's going to play London next week.
I don't believe he's very much affected by this loss.  Am I wrong?
He's playing the next week, so...

Q.  Did you hear about his personal problems?
PAUL‑HENRI MATHIEU:  No.  We are not very close friends.  Do you have another question?

Q.  Can you tell us about your adventure with the club called TC Strasbourg?
PAUL‑HENRI MATHIEU:  Nobody's interested in that.

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