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November 1, 2013

John Paramor


JOHN PARAMOR:テつ A gesture made by the rules official to the player which led him to believe that his ball was out‑of‑bounds.テつ He had already played a provisional ball, because he thought his ball might be lost.テつ He saw the white sticks and the dotted white line, which is, in fact, to mark an internal out‑of‑bounds when playing hole 2 and hole 2 only.
So together with the gesture from the rules official, he felt that his ball because out‑of‑bounds and went and played the provisional ball.テつ There is a decision in the book, 34‑3/3.7, that in this scenario, the player is permitted to continue and have his score count.テつ And if there was a material difference between where the provisional ball was and the original ball was, in equity, he can be penalised a stroke.
So you count all the strokes played, so that's the tee shot, and then the shots played with the provisional ball, but you had a penalty stroke under equity for, if you like, the chip‑out, from the ball's original position.
So he has a five on the 9th hole.

Q.テつ So a 5 on the 9th hole?

Q.テつ And the confusion to sort it out?
JOHN PARAMOR:テつ It was‑‑ we had to look at all the signaling and speak to the rules official on concerned and all these other things.テつ But it was‑‑ if anybody else had given that signal, we wouldn't be having this conversation, because it was a rules official.
I think it's important to note the rules official‑‑ it wasn't the rules official thought the ball was out‑of‑bounds.テつ It was just the signal that it was‑‑ but the signaling was such that led the player to believe the ball was out‑of‑bounds.
And then the player wasn't prevented from playing a provisional ball.

Q.テつ So then he played the provisional, and then?
JOHN PARAMOR:テつ Finished out the hole, came in, and I think his caddie just wanted to make sure; he said, that dotted line on the ninth, that is out‑of‑bounds, isn't it.テつ And David said, oh, yeah, when you're playing the second.テつ
That's why it's there, to stop people when playing the second, going down the ninth hole, which would make the second very, very easy.テつ It has no material value on not knowing at all.テつ Just markings for the second.

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