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October 31, 2013

Lisa Stublic


Q.テつ Lisa, in the spring you ran a sub2:25 PR to win in Zurich?

Q.テつ Coming into New York, how is your training going, and how would you compare your fitness from the spring?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ Overall, I think I'm a little more fit than before Zurich.テつ I don't really know how my performance will be because, before Zurich, I had near perfect preparations.テつ Nothing really went wrong, except for, I don't know, after the New York half marathon, I had a sinus infection for a week.テつ But that was the only problem with the whole preparation.
Prior to New Yorkテつ it was kind of up and down.テつ I would do some training, and something little happened, and up and down again, and trainings again.テつ So it wasn't as consistent as before Zurich.

Q.テつ Before the marathon in Zurich in the spring, you had a 69‑minute marathon.テつ Sort of the best you've done in the buildup to this is 71 minutes.テつ Is it hard to get away from the time?テつ Does it make you nervous to see that it's slower?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ It doesn't make me nervous because when I ran New York three weeks before Zurich, I ran New York 100 percent, how fast I can go.テつ When I ran the Zagreb half marathon three weeks before New York Marathon, I didn't make a goal to run it as fast as I can.テつ I actually ran it faster than I planned.テつ I planned to run 1:12:30 to simulate the race.

Q.テつ So what is the goal on Sunday?テつ Running time or place?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ I don't really have a time goal.テつ I feel like this kind of race you can't put time on it.テつ It's more of a place.テつ I would like to finish top ten, maybe higher if I can.テつ I think I have the 12th or 13th fastest time coming in.テつ All the girls are pretty competitive.テつ So I don't really know.

Q.テつ What about being in New York?テつ I mean, you went to Columbia.テつ Are there going to be Columbia people?テつ You went to high school and grew up in Connecticut.テつ Any friends or family cheering you on?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ Pretty much my mom's whole side of the family is coming down.テつ Friends from New York I think there will be people I know every mile.テつ It's very exciting.

Q.テつ Is this your first New York Marathon?

Q.テつ Looking ahead to the future, I mean, is the big goal the 2016 Olympics or what motivates you the most?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ My biggest motivation is that I don't think that I reached my potential yet.テつ So I don't really have a specific race that's a main motivating factor.テつ I just want to see how fast I can go.テつ Once I think I can't go faster, I'll probably retire.

Q.テつ Do you have any idea what that level could be?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ No.テつ Honestly, I have no idea.テつ When I first started running marathons, I thought my ultimate PR would be 2:25.テつ I thought that would be something I would reach towards the end of my career.テつ Then when I ran 2:25 in Zurich, it's like I don't know.テつ I reached the possibility I thought I could reach, and I haven't really set a new limit.

Q.テつ So I just wanted to get a few words with you about your training.テつ Do you live in the states?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ No.テつ I live in Zagreb, Croatia.

Q.テつ How did you get connected with the New York athletic club?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ I went to college in Columbia.テつ And then after college I started running.テつ I was living in New York after college, and after two years I moved.

Q.テつ Do you have a coach there now?

Q.テつ And what are you kind of looking time‑wise for the race here?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ Honestly, I don't really have a time goal because I feel New York will be a tactical race for me.テつ I just want to place as high as I can.

Q.テつ What's your PR?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ 2:25, 2:24.

Q.テつ So you're right in there.テつ I figured sub‑2:30.テつ Great. We're interviewing one of the elite athletes from Croatia, and she's with the New York Athletic Club.テつ What's your name?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ Lisa Stublic.

Q.テつ How did you get connected with the New York Athletic Club?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ I went to Columbia for college, and after college I continued running, and my coach introduced me to the New York Athletic Club.テつ I lived in New York for two years after I finished college, and then I moved to Croatia.

Q.テつ What did you study at Columbia?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ Music theory.

Q.テつ And you got your degree?

Q.テつ What did you do back in Croatia?テつ Are you working now?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ When I first moved to Croatia, I was working as an English teacher, but then when I started running more in America, I didn't have time to train and work.テつ So I quit my job, and now I just run.

Q.テつ Now, your coach over there, did you know him before you went to Columbia, or did you meet him afterwards?テつ How did that come about?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ I do have a coach.テつ I moved him actually after I moved to Croatia.テつ I went to a training camp in Slovenia.テつ At that point, he was still an athlete, but he was still transitioning into becoming a coach, and he told me about his training methods, and I thought they were a good technique, so I started working with him.

Q.テつ Now, did you run at a high level competitively before you came here to Columbia?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ Before I came to Columbia, I just ran in high school.テつ I didn't really have spectacular results.テつ They were okay.テつ I didn't really train so hard in high school, so my results were pretty decent for someone training like I did.

Q.テつ What are you, 26 now?

Q.テつ Great age for running.テつ Well, what is it‑‑ what's the name of your coach?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ Slavko Petrovic.

Q.テつ And what events did he run?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ He ran the 10K mostly.

Q.テつ What time did he run the 10K?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ 28 something.テつ I'm not exactly sure.

Q.テつ Now, did you do any training when you were here at Columbia in the two years you were here afterwards?
LISA STUBLIC:テつ Yeah, I ran on the Columbia cross country and track team.

Q.テつ Okay.
LISA STUBLIC:テつ I was all‑American my senior year in cross country. After‑‑ it was kind of hard for me after college because I don't really have direction.テつ I wasn't a superstar in college, but I wasn't bad.テつ I knew I wanted to continue running.

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