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October 31, 2013

Ben True


BEN TRUE:テつ I don't think I took the proper precaution.テつ As soon as we started out, I don't think we were going very fast, but immediately my body temperature started rising, and I couldn't cool it down.テつ So running 29 minutes and started tiring where you shouldn't ever feel tired.テつ It's one of the things where I don't think I was prepared for that sort of heat.テつ It took too much energy out of me.テつ So there wasn't much I could do about it except learn from the experience and apply it to the 5K.
So 5K comes around, and I was ready to go.テつ I don't think it was as hot or humid that day.テつ Extremely slow.テつ I knew going into the race there was going to be a kick, and I knew it was going to be me who made a move at the end, but I didn't think it was going to be as slow as it was.
With the 10k, my leg, through that heat, I felt like I was very drained going into it.テつ So I knew I wasn't going to get the speed that I wanted to.テつ And I just knew that I had to make a move and ended up going with just ‑‑ I should have gone earlier, but I was worried how my body was going to respond to the 10k.テつ With under 200 to go, I just didn't have anymore.
That was really disappointing because I felt like I really wasn't where I should be.テつ I felt like I messed up.

Q.テつ You were number one going into the 10k, and to then not qualify for the 10k, what was some of the mental rebounding you needed to do?
BEN TRUE:テつ The big thing is try to strike that off if you can.テつ When you're racing those races, you need to allow your body to recover, and you really can't take the time to dwell on anything.テつ You have to immediately move on to the next one if you're going to have any shot.テつ It wasn't until after the whole weekend was over that the depression of the two hit me.テつ That's when I felt the disappointment.テつ At the time, you really can't think on it.

Q.テつ Do you have like a coach in Des Moines?
BEN TRUE:テつ Yes.テつ Coach, manager, and girlfriend.

Q.テつ Part of the irony is that Ryan‑‑ what was that like?テつ You're not going to throw a race to try to hurt another competitor.テつ What was it like for you mentally?テつ Did you talk to him about it at all before the race or after?
BEN TRUE:テつ Before the race, I shook his hand to say good luck and say, I hope you get the standard.テつ I thought he had a good shot at doing it.テつ But for him the race that we ran in Houston [no microphone].テつ I was happy that he was able to do it.

Q.テつ Did you watch the World Championships?
BEN TRUE:テつ I did, yeah.テつ All those guys, I thought they would do well.テつ This wasn't my year to run there, and there's not a lot I can do about it.テつ I just have to support team USA.テつ Most of those guys are all my friends.

Q.テつ How do you look at this season knowing that, when you ran really well pretty much the whole season and maybe didn't achieve the goal you were looking for, how do you look at it?
BEN TRUE:テつ My coach called it the almost season.テつ I almost got on the world championship team.テつ I really felt that I was in shape to run a fast 5K.テつ I never was able to find the right race at the right time to be able to run.テつ Monaco was my best shot, but I didn't get into that race at the last minute, so I raced Houston the week before.

Q.テつ Was there a goal you thought?
BEN TRUE:テつ I thought I could run 13:05.テつ We thought we could run, and I still think that's what I could have done this summer in that race.テつ So not being able to do that was a disappointment as well.テつ I can't be disappointed with 13:11, but how my work was going, you know, it is a disappointment.テつ It's the almost season.
So hopefully, that just bodes well to how next year we'll go, and we'll be able to‑‑ it's not a world championship year.テつ So there will be other goals I focus on.テつ Hopefully, I'll be able to get those done.

Q.テつ What are the goals and focus for a non‑championship year?テつ Is there a half marathon at all?
BEN TRUE:テつ No, I'm going to stick with the 5 and the 10.テつ I want another crack at the 10.テつ I've never really had a good 10K, and still that's definitely something I want to do.テつ Going to try to chase after a fast time.テつ With it not being a world championship season, there's no race I feel I really need to compete for.

Q.テつ Do you plan to run indoor?
BEN TRUE:テつ That would be the first thing.テつ Yeah, I probably will do some indoor races.テつ I'll do some speed work on the mile and try to run some fast times.テつ I've never really run indoor track, and every time I train on track for a long period of time, I get injured.テつ So it's one of those things that, if all goes well, I'll probably run two different races.テつ I'll try to get that speed in, and hopefully that will help.

Q.テつ Are there certain kinds of injuries you tend to get, or is it all over the place?
BEN TRUE:テつ It's been in my calf.テつ The track that I train at, it's a flat 200 meter.テつ It's tough on my body just because I'm not used to it at all.

Q.テつ Any particular calf?
BEN TRUE:テつ Usually my left calf.

Q.テつ You've been back in New Hampshire for a while.テつ Do you plan to stay there?
BEN TRUE:テつ Yes.

Q.テつ Things are going well?
BEN TRUE:テつ Things are going very well in training much I'm working with Mark Coogan, my coach.テつ Thing are going really well with the other athletes, with Abby.テつ You know she's running the Nike Championships on Saturday.
I just got a new training partner, Sam chew Lynn GA.テつ It's going really well.テつ I'm very excited.テつ Sam just ran‑‑ he'll also be running here on Saturday.テつ He just ran a half marathon.テつ We get along really well.

Q.テつ You mentioned Abby.テつ You guys‑‑ I know you see each other, but do you guys talk a lot?テつ Are you guys friends?テつ Do you know what she'll be doing?
BEN TRUE:テつ I don't see Abby all that often.テつ She works out with the girl's team, which is in the afternoon, and I work out in the morning with Mark.テつ But Mark always fills us in on what they're doing, and we support each other all the time and what not.テつ We have each other's best interests at heart.
Who knows what's going to happen when she graduates.

Q.テつ You guys both had tough races at Worlds.テつ Do you guys commiserate about that at all?
BEN TRUE:テつ Yeah, we do a little bit.

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