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October 31, 2013

Ana Dulce Felix


Q.テつ I'm just wondering how her training has been going.テつ I see that she ran a half marathon in 72 minutes in Lisbon, and I wonder if she's happy with the training and how she thinks her fitness is.
ANA DULCE FELIX:テつ I am happy with the result, yes, but it was not my best.テつ I consider it a victory because my father had passed away the day before, and on Friday I had been out going through all those hard times with his illness, and he came to die the day before.
But I consider this is a victory.テつ I dedicated it to him.

Q.テつ Very sorry.テつ Her best marathon ever was here in New York.テつ Does that give her confidence in and what is her goal for Sunday?テつ What does she think she can do?
ANA DULCE FELIX:テつ Yes, I've won the fourth place already in 2011 with my record of 2:25:40.テつ And that was my personal record.テつ And I will do my best here even though I went through all the distress because of my father's illness.テつ I will try to improve and get organized.

Q.テつ Like long term, what is your big goal?テつ Is it‑‑ will she try to run through the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, and what event does she think she would run in?
ANA DULCE FELIX:テつ Yes, I want to be in the Olympic games, and in between I want to take part in more American races.テつ In 2015 I still have to compete in Europe at 10,000 meters, and I'm going to do my best to defend my title there.

Q.テつ What illness‑‑ was your dad sick for a long time?テつ Was it kind of expected?テつ What was his illness?
ANA DULCE FELIX:テつ My father passed away June 2013, and he became ill and passed away within three to four months.テつ He was a fan of athletics, and he was present in all of my competitions, and it was a significant loss to me.テつ I really went through hard times.

Q.テつ Did he have cancer?
ANA DULCE FELIX:テつ Pancreatic cancer.

Q.テつ It said on the bio that, before she started running, she worked in a shoe factory.テつ I was wondering what type of shoes she made.
ANA DULCE FELIX:テつ Yes, I worked in a shoe factory, but my work was not really with shoes.テつ I made towels.テつ It was textile.

Q.テつ Which is harder, doing that or running like 100 miles a week to train for a marathon?
ANA DULCE FELIX:テつ Well, we do what we like, and I really like athletics.テつ We have to work, but since I got a better status at my job, I prefer to do it, this job, and I love it, and I am proud of doing it.

Q.テつ So we're asking all the marathoners this question.テつ What is your post‑race marathon routine to help you recover from the marathon?
ANA DULCE FELIX:テつ I have to rest, and I train like 20 minutes or an hour a day only.テつ And rest.

Q.テつ How are you feeling, good?

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