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June 30, 2000

Edward Fryatt


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you for joining us here in the interview room, and let's just begin with a couple questions.

Q. Are the conditions pretty much the same today as they were yesterday, a little better, a little worse?

EDWARD FRYATT: I think they are probably the same. The greens are running at the same speed. It was a little soft this morning on a few holes, but once the sun came out, it was just the same.

Q. No wind?

EDWARD FRYATT: No wind. A little bit at the end it was coming out. There was actually a little bit of wind, but nothing horrific.

Q. Is there any logical explanation to explain the way you're pretty much hanging around, or do you consider yourself fortunate to be one of 30 guys that are right there?

EDWARD FRYATT: I think anybody that you interview in here is obviously putting very well, and that happens to be what I'm doing this week. And usually it's the opposite with me, my strong suit is usually my driver, and I haven't been driving it that great this week. My stats are okay, but I haven't been feeling too comfortable. I've been working on some new stuff last week in my off week, but came out this week and really started putting well. Every opportunity it seems like I've had from 12 to 15 feet I've taken advantage of.

Q. Did you find your groove early on or did you work your way into it?

EDWARD FRYATT: I birdied my way into it. On the back side I birdied a few and birdied a couple other holes to get back to 3-under, and then gave it back on 16 and 18 with a 3-putt and a bad drive. So I just said to my caddy, I said as we made the turn, I just said: "Hopefully, let's go make some birdies and get it back and get us in good position for the weekend." And lo and behold that's what happened. Made a few more than I expected, I guess.

Q. Where did you find it again?

EDWARD FRYATT: I don't know -- just trying to -- I don't know if I ever did find it. I just happened to make some putts.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Why don't you go through your round real quick.

EDWARD FRYATT: On 11, I hit a 9-iron in there about 12 feet and made the putt there. 13, par 5, I hit a good drive and a 3-iron on there about 18 feet for eagle and just missed. And then birdie on 15; that's the short hole. I hit a driver up just short right of the green in a good position, and pitching wedge just to chip -- pitching wedge across the green up to about eight feet and made that. Bogeyed 16. I actually hit a bad shot and was lucky it stayed up in the collar there, and isn't that difficult of a putt, but rolled it by about three feet and missed that one coming back. Then 18, I drove it right, into the rough, and just had a terrible lie and pitched out and knocked it just off the green, and then just kind of 2-putted it down from the valley and made bogey there. On 1, I hit a driver down the left side and hit a sand wedge in there about eight feet, pin-high, to the left, eight to ten feet and made that. Then 2, I hit a 2-iron off the tee and didn't get it to the top of the hill. Rolled back down into the collar and then hit a wedge out to 18 feet left of the hole and made that. Then made par on 3 and bogeyed 4. I drove it way right, laid it up and then hit a sand wedge in there about 18, 20 feet and missed that. The next hole is a par 3. Hit 3-iron in there about 35 to 40 feet, and made that across the green, a good bounce back from the bogey. Next hole, I drove it down the middle and then 3-wood just short past the pin on the right in the collar, and hit a bad first putt from down in the valley and up to about 20 feet and then made that. The next hole, drove it down the middle and hit an 8-iron in there about 15 feet and made that. And then the next hole is the par 3. Hit 5-iron in there about six feet and made that. And then parred 9.

Q. Are you seeing the line better?

EDWARD FRYATT: Like I said, the guys that you're interviewing are all kind of getting putts that they find easy to read. For me, I was just hitting putts where I hoped to hit it and looked up and they were right on ine and going in. So some days, you can get out there and hit it 10, 12 feet all day long and just have a difficult putt and just be above the hole and you've got to be tentative and you don't make anything. And some days, you hit it to 30 feet, but you're up underneath the hole and you have good putts you can read, and you happen to putt good strokes on them, too. Today was one of those days where I had a lot of putts to read, and hopefully, that will continue on the weekend, too.

Q. Is your strong finish something you can take into the weekend, with your string of birdies?

EDWARD FRYATT: I didn't really realize it until I made the fourth one in a row. It just seemed like we were just kind of going through the motions, just trying to finish up the round. I'd like to hit it a little bit better than what I did, but there are some positives there. I did drive it in the fairway the last couple holes. So, like I said I've been working on some new stuff, so it's been tough to kind of take it from the driving range or just practicing at home and bring it out here.

Q. Do you watch the board at all?

EDWARD FRYATT: A little bit. I was just kind of seeing how some friends were doing. And saw that Notah was kind of running away a little bit there at the beginning. When we made the turn, it looked like he was up to 11-under early. You know, that was probably one of the things why I said to my caddy, let's try and make some birdies and get us back into good shape for the weekend.

Q. Overall, how happy are you with working your way out of jams and your placement for tomorrow?

EDWARD FRYATT: I'm definitely satisfied with the position I'm in. Like I said, I came here after an off-week and after missing the cut at the Open, not too sure of myself, just getting out here. And like I say, I've been working on some new stuff on my swing, so I was real tentative on how it's going to be and real apprehensive what's going to happen this week. So to make the cut and be in a good position like this is a bonus. You know, like I said, hopefully it will be a little bit better on the weekend, with the ball-striking.

End of FastScripts....

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