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October 30, 2013

David Ortiz


St. Louis Cardinals - 1
Boston Red Sox - 6

Q.テつ Obviously it's a clichテδゥ question, but what's going through your heart and mind right now?
DAVID ORTIZ:テつテつ Hey, I don't know yet. テつTomorrow I can answer that question.テつ Right now we're going through the motions, you know, and winning the World Series.テつ Competing against so many great teams, and when nobody give us any thoughts.テつ You know, winning this World Series is special.テつ I think it might be the most special out of all the World Series that I have been part of, to be honest with you.

Q.テつ And also is there a message you're sending to the city after what it went through, the fans, what the city went through?
DAVID ORTIZ:テつテつ I have to say is that God never left his kids alone.テつ This is a city that we've been through a lot of situations.テつ Even when people were trying to do the right thing to some others, it looked like it was the wrong thing to do.テつ And the unexpected shows up.テつ And sometimes bad things got to happen for us to get the message.テつ And we got the message.テつ Everybody stayed together.テつ And it showed the whole world that this is the best country of every place.

Q.テつ The entire team other than you was hitting . 151 coming into this game and you were hitting . 737.テつ Did you feel extra pressure to carry the team knowing there was that disparity?
DAVID ORTIZ:テつテつ No.テつ I know I'm one of the forces for this ballgame, and I like to take things personal, you know.テつ And that been my whole career, a challenge.テつ And I wasn't trying to be the guy, but I know I got to get something done to keep the line moving.テつ And thank God, everything worked out well, and I don't even have to do anything today, I guess, the rest of the team take over.

Q.テつ What were some of the factors in taking this team from 69 wins last year to a world championship in 2013?
DAVID ORTIZ:テつテつ Hey, like I say since day 1, a body can't function without having a good head.テつ And our manager is outstanding.テつ He showed to all of us since day 1 that he was the master piece that we need to get to this level.テつ John, he did such a nice job with all of us.テつ And our focus was coming in and do nothing but play baseball, which is different than last year.テつ And another thing, like I always say, thank God for keeping us healthy through the year.テつ We don't have that many injuries as we had in years before.

Q.テつ You said that you thought this World Series might be the most special you'd ever been part of.テつ Would you elaborate on that, explain why?
DAVID ORTIZ:テつテつ I would say because this is a team that we have a lot of players with heart.テつ We probably don't have the talent that we have in '07 and '04, but we have guys that are capable to stay focused and do the little things.テつ And when you win with a ballclub like that, that's special.
In 2007 we have a lot of bangers.テつ I wasn't supposed to be the guy.テつ I don't have to be the guy in 2007.テつ 2004, same thing.テつ We have a guy in the nine‑hole hitter ‑‑ the nine‑hole hitter won the batting title in 2004.
So yes, I put up the numbers but we had a lot of guys putting up good numbers.テつ I know the city have 86 years without winning a World Series, but I wasn't the guy who did it all.テつ We have a lot of guys that they it was on them, too.テつ It was not like it was on me, you know what I'm saying?
It's a special case that the past couple of years, you see guys like the Giants winning the World Series without having that one guy.テつ Everybody come in and do something special.テつ And the teams that have won the World Series the last couple of years have been pretty much like that.

Q.テつ You're only allowed to get one at‑bat this game, but did you expect them to start walking you as a tactic earlier than they started walking you in this series?
DAVID ORTIZ:テつテつ Hey, let me tell you, those guys ‑‑ I was hitting well, but it wasn't like I was hitting pitches right down the middle of the plate.テつ They were trying their best to get me out.テつ I was just putting good swing, I was getting away with some swings.テつ Some others had put a good swing on it.
But that pitching staff, like I said before, I feel sorry for the St. Louis Cardinal when they have to sign all of them at once.テつ They're going to have to bring a lot of money to the table because you have a whole bunch of cats out there performing at that level on that stage, you're really dealing with an unbelievable pitching staff.テつ I tell you what, man, those guys, they're legit.

Q.テつ Your team and you obviously had a great deal of fun this year.テつ It just seemed like everyone enjoyed playing, in addition to enjoying winning.テつ Were there times in the last few years whether you started to wonder whether you could experience that sort of fun and enjoyment on a daily basis again?
DAVID ORTIZ:テつテつ This is one of the best organizations since I've been here.テつ You have those funky years that you put a really good team together and you don't make it to the playoffs, and you have those other years that you let a big player go, and all of a sudden you're in the playoffs.テつ This organization, along as long as I've been here, has been a box full of surprises.
And in 2003 nobody expected us to be in the playoffs; we almost go to the World Series.テつ 2004 you guys all know what happened.テつ 2005, 2006, you know what happened.テつ We went from the playoffs to being second or third I guess in the division in '06.テつ And next thing you know we win the World Series in '07.
So this is the kind of situation where the unpredictable happens.テつ And this year I think that people giving us the third place in the division, maybe the last one, because what happened last year.テつ It helped us out.テつ We had a little chip on our shoulder that we want to come in and put up a good run, and thank God we did.

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