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October 30, 2013

Yolanda Caballero

Jose Manuel Martinez


Q.テつ Chema, can you talk about the first time you ran New York here.テつ I know David had said that he'd been trying to get you to come for many years.テつ You showed him a video on your phone of you running, and he didn't believe it.テつ What has taken you so long to come?
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ I don't know.テつ I know that I'm here.テつ The last week is my birthday.テつ I'm 42 years, and I'm very happy because I'm the best race marathoner in the world.
I think the marathon is more important for every runner.テつ I'm here this year.テつ I trained every year for this goal, and I'm very happy.テつ I don't know why every year, the last three years, I'm running with the foundation for children.テつ I'm running the New York marathon.
But for me this year is special year because I'm running with getting fit, and I'm ready for running ahead.テつ I'm very, very happy.

Q.テつ How long have you wanted to run this race competitively?
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ My first time is 2004.テつ I finished in Athens, and I'm very, very tired.テつ I was a younger runner.テつ I finished Olympic games.テつ I finished in ninth position in 2000, and I run again the marathon and I feel good.テつ My mind is not ready to run the marathon after.
Nine years ago, running the best race in the world, I don't run because I'm very tired in my mind.テつ I'm crazy.テつ Now every year I always‑‑ I have dreamed of running the New York City Marathon with a good performance, and for me this is special because the last ten years I didn't run in the best marathon in the world.

Q.テつ Can you talk about your training?テつ Sam said you feel like this is your best training block in three years.テつ What has been different about this training block?
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ The last two, three years, I run in the race marathon, not running in the training before the race, but in the marathon I have a problem.テつ All of the running and the training, and the day of the race, it's possible you have any problems.
The last two years, training fantastic, but I broke my feet two weeks ago before London in Olympic games.テつ After, my sensation in the race is no good.テつ I don't know why.
The last 20 years, I train every day, every week, every month, don't stop.テつ I don't know why the last two years I have a problem with the race, not with the training.テつ And this year is different.テつ When I know if I want to run in New York City Marathon in March, I training for this race.テつ Every year, my goal is New York City.
First the spring and summer, training with a short distance for 10Ks.テつ After the last 30 weeks, I train only for marathon.テつ And this year is different because normally when you're training the last 12 weeks, 2,300 kilometers, in my mind you are tired because the training is very tough, hard, and this year I feel good.テつ The people saying you're okay?テつ Because it's not normal because, when you train for a marathon, you're always tired.テつ Now I feel good.
I think it's for me the best.テつ When I spoke yesterday with David, I say, I don't know why, but my‑‑ right now, before the race, I don't understand what is my position in the finish line, but before I'm very happy.テつ I feel good.

Q.テつ What is your goal?
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ The first goal, enjoy.テつ Enjoy the race.テつ Enjoy the city.テつ Enjoy the event, every event, because I don't know if this event is the last event at a high level.
I think the last 15, 18‑‑ my first race with the Spanish team is in '96.テつ Always training every year where you run for the medal, and now it's different.テつ Now I run for me, for my sensation, for running the best race in the world.テつ I run for all the Spanish runners.テつ Don't run because‑‑ I run it for everybody, and especially for me.テつ I feel good because I don't have the pressure.
And my goal, for me, I have control before the race, training.テつ I ensure that I feel good and I stay in the far laneテつ and I am ready for that.

Q.テつ I'm ready for anything.
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ Ready for anything.テつ And the position is‑‑ puts you in your place.テつ I'm not giving up on anything.テつ I would like before the first position in the race, sure.

Q.テつ Time?テつ Do you have a time goal?
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ I don't know.テつ I wait for the first miles don't run with my head.テつ I want to run with my head.テつ It's different because in my life I always run with my head, and sometimes it's a problem because in the first run very quickly, and the finish I have problems.テつ For this race, I hope run the first half of the marathon only with my head and second half of marathon with my heart.テつ With my body, with my soul, with my skin, with everybody.

Q.テつ You're 42?

Q.テつ I saw you on the list.テつ I said, why is this old guy here?テつ And I asked David, I said, is he here to get the over 40 record, the Masters record?テつ And David said, no, I think he might run with the leaders.テつ Do you think that's possible to run with them?
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ Yeah, yeah.テつ I don't run for a record in the Masters because, when you run with the best in the world, for me it's not my goal, a record in Masters.テつ I run with the head, with the best of the world.
I try to run with the best, and I don't know if I win the final, the Masters record, that's okay, but in my mind, I run with the best in the world, not for my age.テつ I don't run for my age.
This morning when I trained with the Spanish guys in Central Park.テつ Today, the last training, the first three minutes okay and the last 2:48 in Central Park.テつ And you say to me, it's not possible.テつ 42 years and you run.テつ My mind and my body don't have age.

Q.テつ Chema, you said that children's charities is very close to you.テつ I understand that your daughter is struggling right now with‑‑ can you talk a little bit about what's happening with her.
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ Two months ago, Daniela, my daughter, she has a problem with her blood.テつ She has three days the fever.テつ I don't know what is the problem.テつ My wife and me went to the hospital and say she needed transfusion.テつ After the hospital don't know the problem.テつ She lost blood.

Q.テつ She's losing blood?
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ Yeah.テつ She has anemia, and very, very fearful, my wife and me.テつ The last two months, we have every week the analytical tests, and my wife not here for that.テつ For me, it's hard because I came to this race special.
In the morning, it's okay.テつ In the first week, we are fear, but now they're controlling it.テつ It's okay.テつ It's nothing.

Q.テつ Did they find out what was wrong?
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ No.テつ It's hemolytic anemia.テつ She has a problem with the blood.テつ She need a transfusion when it's not okay.テつ The body doesn't generate blood.テつ But it's okay because now she has control from the doctor.

Q.テつ How much does that weigh on your mind as you're getting ready to race here?
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ Now when I speak with you, I have emotion because it's the more important for me.テつ I am very, very‑‑ when I say for me this week is special for running, I think of her, and the last two months she's had the problem.
When you train, one day when Daniela lies in the hospital, my mind‑‑ today I want to stop because there is no‑‑ I don't feel like doing anything because my daughter is no good.
But for me, I am a‑‑ my head is hard.テつ Every day I work for my goal.テつ The first day is difficult for me, but now I know my daughter, she has a problem, but I try to go every day for run in New York and the best performance.
When I speak with my daughter, I am nervous.

Q.テつ Is she your youngest?
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ Yeah, 3 years.テつ I have my Paola has 9, Nikola 7, and Daniela 3, yes.

Q.テつ In Boston, you were in very good shape going into Boston.テつ You had the lead.テつ How has your training been going for New York?
YOLANDA CABALLERO:テつ Boston Marathon was special for me, which I believe my best.テつ I try to do my best in my professional preparations.テつ I feel in great shape.テつ And I feel my best.

Q.テつ Do you feel you're in good shape, better than Boston?
YOLANDA CABALLERO:テつ I feel better than Boston.

Q.テつ I looked at the results, and last month in Philadelphia, you only ran 1:14.テつ So I thought, oh, she must not be in good shape.テつ What happened in Philadelphia?
YOLANDA CABALLERO:テつ You know that training for a marathon, that's how it is.テつ And the marathon training, is all training over four months.テつ It's very hard to stay the same.

Q.テつ Sunday, what is your goal?テつ Everybody dreams of winning, but do you think that's realistic?テつ What are your goals?
YOLANDA CABALLERO:テつ (No microphone.)テつ I hope to do my best.

Q.テつ Where do you train?
YOLANDA CABALLERO:テつ I train in Bogota.テつ It is 1,600 meters above sea.

Q.テつ Maybe I'm wrong, but you said your coach was your husband, and he passed away, right?

Q.テつ How has that been, and who coaches you now?
YOLANDA CABALLERO:テつ [ No microphone ] today he's still my coach.テつ I still train with his assistance.テつ Now I have help from my brother.テつ But my coach [ No microphone ].

Q.テつ Are there any other good runners from Colombia, or are you it?
YOLANDA CABALLERO:テつ In Colombia, we have a lot of football. テつSo it's really difficult for us as athletes.テつ Right now maybe 22 or 25.

Q.テつ How did you get involved in running?
YOLANDA CABALLERO:テつ I always like when I see my first time Olympic games.テつ Colombia just have one, two athletes in the Olympic games.テつ In Barcelona, '92, we had 400 names.テつ Then I see for this time the track, and I fall in love with that.
And my mother take me to the track.

Q.テつ You're making me look bad.テつ I'm 40 now.
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ It's in your mind.テつ It's if you feel good.テつ I am now 41.テつ You have the goal to train, it's okay.

Q.テつ Now I have no goal, so it's bad.
JOSE MANUEL MARTINEZ:テつ That's a problem.テつ When you have no goal for train, it's a problem.

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