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October 27, 2013

Peter Hanson


PAUL SYMES:  Well, Peter, incredible round of golf, well played today.  Just talk us through.
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, it was nice.  Got off to a great start, and actually I mean, to take it from the beginning, I felt like I was starting to play a little bit better yesterday, a bit rusty the first two days.
Got off to a great start today with 3‑under after four, and felt very confident both striking the ball and then even on the greens.¬† It was a nice start and managed to get it the turn in 5‑under and then kept going on the birdie train there for a while, 10, 11.
And chipped and 2‑putted on 12 for bogey and then managed to jump back on the train again and make a few more birdies.¬† Fun day.
PAUL SYMES:  At any point did you think, I could win this again, to defend your title, or too far back.
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, I think I'm a little too far back.  Actually when I made the birdie on 16, and thought if I can get a tee good tee shot on 17 at least give myself a chance here.
17 is probably the toughest hole on the course today with that back right pin.¬† Hit a fantastic 6‑iron and just didn't convert on the putt.¬† Tried to be aggressive on the last to maybe squeeze in another birdie to get to 9 but still very, very happy.

Q.  Do you like what they have done with the course today in terms of the number of forward tees?  It almost looks like after a couple days of beating you over the head with the wind, they wanted you to have some fun today.
PETER HANSON:  Definitely, the course was there to be had, and I think this happened last year, as well.  We moved all these tees up and then the wind kind of turned around just like it did today and it makes the golf course very, very acceptable and very easy to score on.
So I think maybe they could have moved a few tees back; I'm thinking about 8 or 9 or maybe 14.  It was still fun.  It was a tough test, especially the first couple days, so it was nice to have a go at it today.

Q.  How did you choose to play the 11th?
PETER HANSON:  11, I hit driver on the green.  That was nice.  I was trying to get in that front bunker and just pulled it the slightly and put it perfect, right in the middle of the green.

Q.  With the wind conditions, how do you think the course is playing today compared to the last two days, is it maybe two or four strokes easier, or looking at your score, it's like so much better.
PETER HANSON:¬† Yeah, I think obviously the course is a lot easier in the southerly wind.¬† We had a little bit of breeze today, but it's coming from the direction‑‑ these really long holes, they become pretty short.¬† I'm thinking about, you know, maybe 5 and 8 and 9, they are really hard; 14, as well.¬† When you get that little breeze behind, it makes both holes so much easier to play.¬† I would say maybe three shots.

Q.  Why do you think the last two groups aren't going anywhere?
PETER HANSON:  It's hard being out there.  I was sitting here last year with a bit of a lead, and it's just hard to keep your foot on the gas.  It's so much easier when you're behind.  Like today, I got off to a good start like I said and could just keep playing aggressive.  You know that you might end up making a few bogeys, but you're going to make more birdies.
So I think when you have that lead, it's easier to aim a little bit away from the pins and just play a little bit too safe.

Q.  I want to ask a question about Seve Trophy.  Why did you pull out of this year's event, and do you think the European stars should play more in Europe?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, for my reasons, I couldn't play.  I was down to play and unfortunately I had to pull out on the Monday of the week due to my back injury.  This is actually my first week that I've played in the last nine, and my back is still not 100 percent, but hopefully from now on; I'm down to play next week, HSBC and then my plan was actually to take two weeks off and then try to play World Cup.
So it's just for my sake, I was down to play Seve Trophy; I was down to play theDutch Open that I won last year, as well.  So yes, I'm very happy to be back on the course again.

Q.  Do you regret that you didn't do so well the first three days like what you did today, and is it something that happened before or what was the main reason for the first three days you didn't go low?
PETER HANSON:  It's hard to say one reason, but I mean, obviously coming off an injury; I played one round of golf in the last nine weeks, so I felt a little bit out of place.  Especially you come back here, defend your title and right straight back into the heat, playing with Lee Westwood, Thomas Björn.
So I definitely felt the pressure, being back on the course.¬† And to be honest, I think it would have been easier to play in one of the less‑known groups and just ease my way into it a bit.¬† I've actually rushed my rehab and recovery to try to be here playing this week.

Q.  After round one, is that something that can galvanise you and free you up, or can it go the other way for you? Because if it had been a sort of more medium sort of score for you, you may have been a bit tighter, but did it free you up to play the last three days the way you have?
PETER HANSON:¬† I think when you come off off‑time like now and I haven't been able to practice and I haven't been able to prepare for this week, you kind of come in with no expectations.
But what happens first, to come out my third round in the last nine weeks, if we count in the Pro‑Am, as well, in really windy conditions and get back into the heat, I think that was just a little bit too tough for where I was at, if you know what I mean.
But in a way, I think it helped me to keep my expectations low, even though I shot 7‑over par, I go like, okay, I have to keep working on my game and see if I can find something.¬† And like I said yesterday, it felt like it clicked a little bit.¬† I managed to swing the club a little bit more like I used to be, and not compensating because of the back.
Obviously all week, just trying to take one shot at a time, and I think that sometimes it's easier to do when you have been injured, you have been hurt, because you don't really know what you're going to get.

Q.  And what's your plan now?  Will you be watching the screen pretty closely?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, it's obviously fun watching this event.  I'll probably go back and have a look and see whoever comes out on top, and for my own sake, of course, it's a huge confidence boost for next week, playing so well today.
So I'll try to keep my expectations down next week, as well, and keep going where I finished off this round.
PAUL SYMES:  Congratulations again, Peter, on a great weekend and have a great week next week.

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